Maple Hill Golf has Been Perfecting Junior Golf Programs for Decades, and Kids Love It

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Maple Hill Golf is an Expert at Kid Golf Lessons

When it comes to golf lessons, there’s no shortage of places to learn.

Among the best is Maple Hill Golf Course. They’ve been offering Junior Golf for over 40 years….and they have definitely perfected their system. 

My daughter attended the Beginner Junior Golf program and loved it.

We were impressed that she was able to get out on the golf course day one. And we loved the hands-on instruction she received that showed immediate results. 

Junior Golf is a Great Place for the First-Time Golfer

As an eight-year-old that has never stepped foot on a golf course, she was nervous. She wasn’t sure how to hold a club or hit a ball. Could she even do it?

kid golf lessons at maple hill golf

The nerves disappeared with a little instruction, and she was quickly on the driving range making connection with the balls (most of them, anyway!) 

Young or old, beginners or intermediate, Maple Hill Golf has a class for every kid. Their number one focus is safety, and they speak frequently about that.

Lessons start for children as young as four years old and go up to 17.

Check the website to see what weeks are available for your session of choice.

2024 Bonus: Junior Golfers in the Beginner sessions and up receive a card for a free “Bucket A Day” pass to get free daily range balls ($400+ value!).

About Maple Hill Junior Golf

Here’s what we loved about Junior Golf at Maple Hill Golf Course:

1 – Maple Hill Golf’s #1 Focus is Safety

The kids were told where to stand when one of their partners was taking their turn. They were asked to hold the club by the head when waiting, to deter temptation to swing.

When they were on the course, the instructors made sure everyone was behind the golfer to avoid accidents.

Our week was quite warm, so they provided water and encouraged breaks in the shade or indoors to anyone that needed it.

2 – Junior Golf has a Low Instructor to Student Ratio

Junior golf sessions at Maple Hill Golf fill up fast, but in the Beginner’s session they have plenty of instructors that immediately break the kids up into smaller groups.

My daughter’s group had five students, allowing their instructor to take time with each kid on the driving range.

He pulled each kid forward to show them how to grip the club, perfect their stance, and of course, swing the club.

It was cool to see these kids improve right before my eyes as they followed the instructor’s advice.

3 – Kids Experience Immediate Golf Course Access

My daughter’s session started out with 45 minutes of driving range instruction, then they were broken into smaller groups and sent out on the course to practice.

The kids can practice driving, pitching, and putting on several different holes. They end the camp with a scramble-style tournament on the last day.

4 – “Everything Golf… for Less”

This bargain-loving mom loved Maple Hill Golf for the fair prices. The Junior Golf program is reasonable with no “hidden costs.”

I have always heard about the wide selection of products in their impressive 17,000 square foot  pro shop, but no one told me about the great deals they offer!

There are sales throughout the year, including “Demo Days” where you can try out new golf gear.

My daughter and I bought cute new Titleist hats 2/$25, and we used a coupon to score a reasonably-priced kid’s golf bag. I’ll definitely be back to scope out the ladies golf clearance rack soon.

5 – Junior Golf is Accessible to all Abilities and Ages

Kids as young as four can start with pee wee golf and grow with the programs at Maple Hill Golf.

Beginners can start at any age. They also offer private lessons for anyone looking for extra hands-on practice.

Junior golf is for boys and girls (about a third of our session was female). My daughter made some friends the first day and was excited to go back!

6 – The NEW 616 Junior Golf Tour Builds the Team Atmosphere

The 616 Junior Golf Tour was established as the first of its kind in the Junior Golf space.

Each event will be a two-person fun scramble in a Boys and Girls division. Teams are mixed played by the appropriate tee’s based on age.

This tour was designed as a great way to get Junior Golfers out on the course having fun in a team atmosphere.

It doesn’t matter if kids are serious about the game or just want to hang out and have fun while getting in some reps.

This tour is great for everyone!

Junior Golf is Our New Yearly Activity

We are looking forward to making Junior Golf at Maple Hill a yearly activity for both of my kids – and perhaps some adult lessons with their PGA Teaching Professionals for my husband and me!

 Pro Tip: Wear a hat and sunscreen to Junior Golf. Bring a water bottle and a bag of clubs and a few balls. If needed, clubs are provided for golfers in the pee-wee sessions.

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