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Meyer Music is the Friendliest, Most Knowledgable Place to Rent or Buy Instruments

It’s exciting when a child learns to play music! When a kid is connected to the right instrument, it can lead to a lifetime of joy through music.

Our family is big into the arts, and Meyer Music has been the guiding force for all of my children’s musical journeys. 

Two of my kids have found their favorite instrument and will probably play for the rest of their lives. Another switched to a different instrument after a few years, and others have realized that playing music is not for them. And through it all, Meyer Music has been there for us.

The thing I love about Meyer Music is that they accommodate all kids, whether the kid is super passionate about their instrument, or just trying to figure out if music is for them. Meyer Music makes it easy for anyone to access the beautiful world of playing music.

From helping us upgrade violins to recommending saxophone reeds, our family’s musical needs have largely been met by Meyer Music’s knowledgeable staff and excellent quality products.

Meyer Music equips all skill levels of instruments.

Rent Online and Have Your Instrument Delivered to School

Did you know you can rent your student’s instrument online and it will be delivered to their school for the first day of class?

Amazing! With all the other back-to-school activities, being able to have the instrument handled online is huge.

“While we love to see folks come into the store, most of our families rent online and we deliver their instrument package directly to their school,” says Scripps-Hoekstra.

“We know that the back-to-school season is very busy, so this is one more way we try to make joining band and orchestra as simple as possible for parents.”

Families are always welcome to visit their many locations including Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon or Kalamazoo locations. But it you want to save time and go online, Meyer Music completely understands!

Meyer Music Offers Flexible Commitments, Which is Great for First-Time Musicians

Learning to play music is a journey, and Meyer Music just loves being a part of it, no matter what that looks like for a kid. 

But it’s also intimidating for many parents. It’s a big investment. Will this new activity cost us an arm and a leg? Will this instrument become a very expensive door stop in a couple of months??

Meyer Music understands this, and provides flexibility for families – you can buy an instrument, or you can rent. A kid can even change their mind and rent a different instrument. Does the kid damage the instrument? No problem – these guys can fix it!

And while Meyer Music can’t actually see into the future, they provide a safety net for families to want to try out playing an instrument. Parents don’t have to commit to something that they can’t predict will be a long-term commitment.

Lindy Scripps-Hoekstra is a third-generation co-owner of Meyer Music, and she knows how to help families navigate the initial paths of our budding musicians. 

“It is a very exciting thing when a child chooses to do band or orchestra,” she says.

“(But) they don’t know how long their student might want to participate,” says Scripps-Hoekstra. “Maybe they will try it for a semester or a year, and it might not be for them, and they might not need their instrument any longer.”

“Alternately, they will fall in love with music and want to play it all the way through high school and possibly have an instrument that becomes their personal heirloom some day.”

Amazing Rent To Own Program Makes Instruments Affordable

Because no one knows how long a kid will want to play an instrument,, Meyer Music has a rent-to-own program. 

Meyer provides the students with the exact brand that their music teacher wants them to have. They also include accessories such as music books, a stand, or any other specifics the music teacher would require, such as shoulder rests, particular mouthpieces, and cleaning supplies.

“We make sure that the student has exactly what the teacher wants,” Scripps-Hoekstra says.

Families only pay for as long as they have the instrument. If a student decides music isn’t for them, they can return it with no further obligation. If they decide to continue, families are building credit toward owning that instrument with their monthly rental fee. 

“We ensure that every dollar of their low monthly payment goes toward the purchase of that instrument,” Scripps-Hoekstra says.

Students can also upgrade their instrument as they grow and become more proficient with music with Meyer Music’s “step-up” program.

“When students are in upper middle school or in high school and are really enjoying band or orchestra, they can upgrade to an intermediate-level instrument or even a professional-level instrument. All the money that they’ve put toward their first instrument could transfer over to that.”

Scripps-Hoekstra says the monthly cost to rent an instrument varies. It could cost $10 a month for a level one violin and up to $64 for a more expensive saxophone  The average monthly cost is about $30.

Meyer Music Even Covers Instrument Repairs on Rentals

Did your kid’s rented instrument get damaged? No problem! Meyer Music will fix it. For free. It’s all covered in the rental agreement.

This is huge for kids learning to play an instrument. 

“We cover absolutely everything. No matter if it gets destroyed by a sibling or run over by a school bus. We’ve seen an instrument get sprayed by a skunk,” she says.

“We want to make sure kids continue playing and are not sitting in class without an instrument.”

My friend loves their repair program.

She sheepishly brought in her son’s rented trombone last spring, ready for them to scold her son for letting it get damaged. The case was cracked and that trombone had seen some things.

But they simply repaired it all, no questions asked! AND it was covered in her rental agreement.

New Showroom Remodel Inspires Kids to see all the Possibilities

Families can now check out the Meyer Music Grand Rapids store’s remodeled showroom and other new updates.

“We are excited to open a new, modern showroom to the whole area of Grand Rapids. It’s a space that will include much more designated areas for test playing. We have specific rooms for each type of instrument where students can see all the upgraded instruments.”

Scripps-Hoekstra says the new showroom can inspire students to think of their musical possibilities for the future. 

“When you walk into the space it provides you with an experience where the student will come in, they get to see the opportunities for them down the road. If they stick with music they can see all the exciting possible options that could await them.”

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