25+ Best Patios & Beach Eats Restaurants With Outdoor Seating in West MI

Outdoor Dining in Grand Rapids & West MI

Hands down West Michigan has some of the best outdoor restaurants!

From Grand Rapids to the Lakeshore, it will be a treat anywhere you decide to eat outside on a gorgeous Michigan summer night.

Choose from urban backdrop of downtown Grand Rapids, or find something on the lake. Some outdoor restaurants are tucked in behind the main dining area for a more private feel. Others sit you right out front where you can be part of the action.

Whatever your date night personality is, you can find a picturesque outdoor restaurant option this summer.

Best Restaurants With Outdoor Seating Around Grand Rapids

Use this list to find the best beach, waterfront, patio and deck dining spots across West Michigan. Cheers!

Outdoor Restaurant - Ada

Nonna's: The Trattoria in Ada, MI

584 Ada Dr SE, Ada, Michigan 49301

Outdoor Dining at Nonna's: The Trattoria
Eat on the porch at Nonna's!

Enjoy weekly specials, interesting pastas and starters, flavorful, satisfying main courses, and handmade European desserts.

Patio heaters when needed.

Call to reserve your spot.


Did we miss any? Please leave a comment and we’ll add them to our list. Thanks!

Restaurants with outdoor seating include Forty Acres Soul Kitchen on Wealthy St.

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  1. Dockers in Muskegon. Outside deck and entertainmen right on the water. You can also get to it by boat from Muskegon Lake. Very nice!

  2. Thank you for this. My Husband and I actually just had a conversation trying to figure out where we could eat outside with a two year old. Thank you!

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