Parent’s Guide to Caledonia Lakeside Park

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A Bit about Caledonia Lakeside Park

If you’re looking for a quiet afternoon at the park, where the pace is a little slower and views are a little more beautiful than a traditional playground, head to Caledonia’s Lakeside Park!

Caledonia Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park is a beautiful community park on the bank of Emmons Lake, offering sweeping views of the lake, lots of spots to picnic, two playgrounds, and access to the Paul Henry Thornapple trail. Their ball diamonds are a draw for baseball and softball players alike, and their picnic shelters make Lakeside Park a great place for group events. And let’s not forget the fishing opportunities!

Lakeside Park is a great place for a more peaceful outdoor adventure. Their benches on the lake beg you to take in the views and the wide open spaces allow for kids to wander or play. Picnic tables are waiting for you to bring out your lunch and you can take the bikes (or just your walking feet!) down the Thornapple Trail afterward.

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Lakeside Park

Tips for Your Trip from other Parents

  • The bathrooms near the smaller playground (when you first enter) currently aren’t open Monday-Thursday, so use the restroom in the picnic building during the week (or play at the large playground by the building!).
  • Kids will love playing by the shore!
  • Ride your bike! The Paul Henry Thornapple trail access point leads right into downtown Caledonia where there’s a nice little ice cream shop. Park downtown or at Kraft Meadows middle school for a nice bike ride to Lakeside Park and back.
  • It’s great for sledding in the winter.
  • My kids love the wide open space to run around. A large hill connects the main playground area to the lake, so be mindful of toddlers who may tumble if they’re running too fast.
  • Take advantage of the dozens of picnic tables. Many are in the shade by the playground or by the water, making them a nice spot to sit and watch kids play.

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Caledonia Lakeside Park Features at a Glance

Parents Guide to Lakeside Park

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Toddlers will enjoy the play structure and would most likely be attracted to the lake front. You’ll want to keep a close eye on them at the lake (swimming isn’t allowed). There are also grassy areas where they can toddle around, and you’ll want to watch them on the large hill connecting the playground to the lakefront. Another item to note is that the bathroom near the smaller playground is not open Monday-Thursday (at time of print), so you’ll want to plan a bathroom break at the enclosed picnic shelter building before heading out to play there.

There are two playgrounds, two ball diamonds, lots of picnic tables, two picnic shelters (including an enclosed one) and lots of lake frontage good for fishing, or just sitting back and admiring.

Hikers, bikers and joggers will appreciate the access to the Thornapple Trail as well as a short 1/3 mile trail around the park through the woods.

At time of print (summer 2017), the bathrooms near the large playground are closed Monday-Thursday due to budget cuts. The restrooms at the enclosed picnic shelter are still open every day, though. You can see a map of the park to help you find bathrooms here.

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Lakeside Park has lots of picnic tables–under shade trees, in an open shelter and there’s also an enclosed shelter. Find a picnic table by the lake and enjoy a meal with a view!

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Yes, there is shade! Lakeside Park is in a wooded area so you’ll find a nice mixture of sun and shade.

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Yes, Lakeside Park has open area for kites.

Lakeside Park is free! Unless you wanted to rent a picnic shelter.

As part of the Kent County Parks system, Caledonia Lakeside is open May 1 – October 31, 7 AM-dusk.

Lakeside has two parking lots for visitors. One is near the playground and ball fields, and a smaller one is located farther in, by the smaller playground and enclosed shelter.

Grab Your Coffee and Head to the Park

Tap the map icons to reveal the park address and the location of the nearest BIGGBY.

The BIGGBY closest to Lakeside Park is located at 6426 100th St SE, Caledonia, MI 49316.

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