Take the Leap and Visit Rebounderz for a Day of Thrills and Fun in Jenison

Rebounderz indoor play family fun center

REBOUNDERZ Family Fun Center


West Michigan is home to several indoor play centers focused on family fun and entertainment but there are several unique attractions that set Rebounderz apart, like the human foosball game and jump tower.

Beyond that, this indoor adventure park offers a wide range of activities for kids of all ages, from a kangaroo pillow for toddlers to a challenging ninja warrior course.


For those interested in unique birthday celebration, Rebounderz has got you covered with its themed party rooms, including a fashionista, Hawaiian, superhero, and sports-themed party hall.

And, after you’re all tuckered out, take a break from all the excitement and relax in the cafe and parent’s lounge, complete with massage chairs.

Have a Blast at Rebounderz

No matter what your kid likes to do they’ll have a blast at Rebounderz.

When I took my kids to Rebounderz, I figured they’d be glued to the mega trampolines. It topped their list of things to do in Grand Rapids.

But, it turns out, the trampolines were just something to do in between all the other amazing indoor activities at Rebounderz.

Ninja warrior rebounderz family fun center

I had to drag my kids away from the ninja warrior course, foam pit, and laser tag.

foam pit indoor playground rebounderz family fun center

Jump on Trampolines or Play Dodgeball

Teens, toddlers and even adults like bouncing in the trampoline arena, playing dodgeball, and testing skills in basketball slam.

rebounderz trampoline

Laser Tag

Rebounderz laser tag facility is addicting.

Their laser tag arena contains over 4,000 square feet of black lights, ramps, hiding corners, and fog.

The Michigan theme is a fun touch, with a lighthouse, nautical elements, and even a ship!

Even my not-into-sports kid asked if we could do more laser tag!

Free Fall from the JUMP XTREME TOWER

I played the unsafe version of this as a kid.

It was called, “climb the ladder in the barn and jump into a hay pile below.”

This terrifying and exhilarating stunt was always a gamble. Maybe you’d hit a soft patch of hay, maybe you’d find a pitchfork in the hay when you landed (true story – no injuries reported). Maybe you’d chicken out and climb carefully back down the ladder. (ahem… my bff.)

jump indoor playground rebounderz family fun center

Rebounderz has a much safer, though just as exhilarating option: the Jumpxtreme Tower.

Designed by Rebounderz CEO Mark Gurley, participants can jump from 14 feet high, in any style they want.

And land in a soft pillow.

Human Foosball

Take a break and enjoy a game of human foosball where you are the game-piece in this blown-up version of Foosball.

Kick the ball just like you’re playing soccer, but you have to hold on!

Rebounderz human foosball indoor trampoline park grand rapids

Toddler Area – Indoor Playground & Jumping Pillow

Obstacles, activities, slides, and swings here are geared toward younger kids.
I really appreciate that Rebounderz has a separate area for toddlers only.

jumping pillow rebounderz

Little ones can jump on the kangaroo pillow or climb, cross obstacles and slide down the playground!

_indoor playground rebounderz family fun center

Black Light Mini Golf

mini golf rebounderz family fun center

Admission Fees

Rebounderz offers packages in 60-minute increments, or all-day jump passes.
Passes give you access to nearly everything in their facility.

$21.95 will get you one hour of all main activities. All trampoline park visitors will need special grip socks, available for $3.99.

$39.95 gets all day access to main activities & 3 premium activities. You will still need to buy the jump socks for $3.99.

Look into memberships – they are a good value if you plan to visit more than once.

Check for special days like Toddler Time, Home School days and Sensory-Friendly night for added adventure!

Pro Tips:
Sign in goes faster if you register online. Everyone needs a waiver, and adults must show a drivers license.

Time flies at Rebounderz. Because there are so many different activities to participate in, and because some activities (like the JumpXtreme tower and Foos-ball game) have a wait time, time flies. Plan to spend at least 2 hours here.

Don’t use your Jump time to play in the arcade. That’s a separate section that doesn’t require a package.

arcade indoor playground rebounderz family fun center

Rebounderz indoor trampoline park grand rapids

Escape Room, Laser Tag, Wifi Cafe

We’re not done yet!

Challenge your friends in the mini escape room or test your skills in the laser tag arena.

escape room rebounderz family fun center

Wifi Cafe
Rebounderz makes it easy to spend a day there, with their cafe and free Wi-Fi.

If you’ve got bigger kids, you can let them play to their hearts’ content while you get work done, and you all can take a pitstop for lunch in between.

cafe rebounderz

With so many fun activities to choose from, Rebounderz is a fantastic place for a day of excitement and adventure.

Grab your family and friends and head over to this extreme fun center for a pretty unforgettable experience!

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