Cha-Ching! Family Fun & $1,000 Prize at Trail.Club’s Outdoor Treasure Hunt, Jan-Apr 2024

Follow the Clues, Find the Cash: It’s Trail.Club Treasure Hunt Time!

Grand Rapids, get ready to break out your sleuthing skills because Trail.Club is launching an exciting family-friendly Treasure Hunt where one lucky winner will make away with a $1,000 cash prize with each clue! This means MULTIPLE chances at winning $1,000.

The hunt starts January 25 and involves trekking around and exploring West Michigan trails to solve the puzzle and win prizes.

Interested? Read on for the sweet, sweet details.

Treasure Hunt for the Whole Family

Trail.Club’s Treasure Hunt runs January – April.

This West Michigan outdoor adventure asks participants solve puzzles that will lead to a hidden treasure box. The first to find the treasure box will win the Treasure Coin, worth $1,000 cash, as well as passes for family-fun experiences.

In addition to the Treasure Coin, the treasure box will include Trail.Club stickers—families who post a photo of the sticker on social media with the hashtag #trailclubtreasurehunt will be entered to win other prizes. These include a two-year membership or entire birthday party rental to Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.

Plus, new monthly puzzles keep the excitement alive, making it an accessible and thrilling outdoor experience.

Ooh, I Want To Do This. Tell Me More!

The next clue drops Saturday, February 24. The first puzzle will be revealed online at the website at 9 AM. Your clue will guide you to multiple trails within a 45-minute drive of downtown Grand Rapids with the final destination having the token for the $1,000 prize. (You can find a map of the “treasure zone” on their site.)

If you’re the first to find the box at the final destination, you win $1,000! (If you’re super ambitious, you could win $1,000 with every clue that drops during the contest.)

On the hunt, keep your eyes peeled for a “treasure box” containing the Treasure Coin. The box is weatherproof, so no worries about rain or snow.

Grand Rapids - Trail.Club - Map
Map of treasure trails to access

Also, the treasure box will not be more than 20 feet off the trail, and the treasure box will not be buried.

All treasure trails could be paved or unpaved.

What Happens When I Win?

As noted, whoever discovers the lockbox containing the Treasure Coin first, will be able to exchange the coin for a cash prize of $1,000, in addition to exciting family activities.

If you’re the lucky finder-of-the-coin, contact the contest organizers. They’ll tell you how to redeem the coin for your prizes.

Once a contest winner has been confirmed, the winner will be announced online at Trail.Club.

Who’s Behind The Next Brilliant Quest? – Maybe You!

The group putting on this outdoor treasure hunt is called Trail.Club and their mission is to bring fun to West Michigan’s public trails.

If you’re wondering what that looks like in real life, this is what it means: people (like you) that dream up creative, fun ways to activate trails in our area are invited to ask for monetary support for their ideas.

If you have an idea, fill out their form, and you may be one of their next grant recipients. The Trail.Club crew loves supporting unique, unexpected events and experiences!

If you want to follow along and make sure you know about all of Trail.Club’s upcoming adventures, join them on Facebook.

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