25+ Best Decorated Halloween Houses, 3 Driving Routes – Includes Halloween Light Shows in West MI!

Halloween Houses in Grand Rapids

West Michigan Goes All Out with Halloween Decorated Houses

*featured image is at 1920 Hall St SE, Grand Rapids, MI

Chasing down local Halloween light shows and Halloween houses is one of the best Halloween activities around!

Thanks to some amazingly creative folks, we can be awestruck by the best-decorated Halloween houses near Grand Rapids.

Drive around town this October and admire the work of Halloween house decorators that pull out all of the stops.

Halloween light show at McCabe Haunt Halloween Houses
McCabe Haunt – 777 McCabe Ave, Lowell, MI

Do a Halloween Houses Driving Tour!

Choose from one of THREE driving routes that will take you to the best Halloween decorated yards and Halloween lights in West MI.

Each route is just over an hour long and features a nice variety of Halloween displays.

Routes are organized by area:
– North of Grand Rapids
– West of Grand Rapids
– East of Grand Rapids

North Driving Route


In our opinion, this is the route with the overall best Halloween yard displays, probably because Twiggy is on this route. You’ll also go through East Grand Rapids where there are several displays located near each other.

There’s a bonus stop on this route, too: Rasch’s Haunted Corn Maze & Sunflower Maze. (Stop D).
– The Haunted Sunflower or Creepy Corn maze are $15 each.
– The spooky tractor ride is $7. All 3 are $30
– Open Friday & Saturday evenings, 9 pm-11 pm.
Plus, they have Yummy donuts, hot turnovers, hot chocolate & hot apple cider.

Not all Halloween house decorating is the same, though, so before you set out on this route, glance through the listing descriptions below (look for the “north” label) to decide if this is the route for you.

Driving Route Halloween houses north grand rapids

(South) West Driving Route


For families on the southwest side of GR, we have a route for you, too.

This 10-house driving tour will take you to Halloween decorators in Jenison, Hudsonville, Wyoming, and Kentwood.

Look for the houses labeled with a W to follow the West route, as seen on the map below.

Halloween Houses Driving Route Southwest Grand Rapids (1000 × 600 px)

East Driving Route


There are spectacular displays east of Grand Rapids as well – but they’re quite spread out. This route will take you to a cool Halloween lights show in Alto (stay at least 10 minutes!)

A bonus flashlight corn maze is plotted on this map. Heidi”s Farmstand is open after dark – they offer maze entrance til 9 pm on Friday & Saturday evenings in October – and they are a great place to stop if you want donuts and cider, too. (Heidi’s is closed Sundays.) Tickets are $8 for adults and $6 for kids. Buy online.

Note* If you use the driving directions link below, know that the 10885 Carmen Oak Dr SE, Lowell, MI 49331 address isn’t included because the MapQuest system wouldn’t recognize that address. The 1406 Baywicke Dr address will get you close – you’ll have to navigate the rest of the way.

One of Our Favorite Halloween Decorated Houses

This year, a dragon from one of our favorite Halloween houses even won ArtPrize’s visitor favorite award!

Artist Jennifer Dunahee makes all sorts of wild haunted creatures for her annual display, The Haunting of Storybook Hollow.

She just got back from ArtPrize and will soon be setting up her friends at 4790 Biddeford Dr NE, Grand Rapids, MI.

See Twiggy at the Halloween House at 4790 Biddeford Dr, Grand Rapids, MI
Twiggy’s at The Haunting of Storybook Hollow – 4790 Biddeford Dr, Grand Rapids, MI.

2023 Best Halloween Houses, Listed

Get The Fun, Spooky Halloween Feels with These Creepy Sightings

We’ve rounded up all of the best-decorated Halloween houses to drive by. After all, we can’t let Christmas have ALL the fun! 

Whether you make a date night out of it or include the whole family, these drive-by locations are sure to put the fright in you. Be sure to let us know if you see any other noteworthy displays around town. 

Check back for more Halloween light shows & displays – we’re updating the list as confirmations come in. (Add a house here)

And, to make your day even brighter, we put the houses on a handy map to make it easier for you to plan a route.

Note: All listings have a STATUS section.
As we confirm listings for 2023, the status indicated below will be updated. Help confirm listings by sending info and/or photos of unconfirmed sightings using the form below:

Sort the Halloween Houses list by location:

Halloween House in Grand Rapids
Driving Route Stop: North A

2361 Airway St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Status: Confirmed for 2022

About This Halloween Decorated House
Halloween Giants, spiders and more

Halloween House in Grand Rapids
Driving Route Stop: X

Plainfield & 5 Mile, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Status: Confirmed for 2021

About This Halloween Decorated House
A giant 12' skeleton greets onlookers along with other creepy ghouls

Halloween House in Grand Rapids
Driving Route Stop: X

Dorias Ct, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Status: Confirmed for 2021

About This Halloween Decorated House
Keep your eyes peeled for this one! The homeowner tells us the decorations are going up beginning 10/9/21.

Add a Halloween House

Map of Best Decorated Halloween Houses & Halloween Light Shows

find the Best Decorated Halloween Houses near me

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  1. Hand made tombstones, skeleton walking a skeleton dog, other scary items, incredible front door display as well. 500 Orchard Drive NE in Rockford. Check it out!

  2. Check out the house at the end of Sydney Ct in Walker! Life size witches, pumpkins, & more haunt the yard & usually more is added for Halloween night.

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      Hi, Desire,
      You can scroll to the top of this post and toggle down on “confirm or submit a listing” to submit your house.

  3. Hi,
    Any chance you can post this under McCabe house. There have been a few “close-calls”. if you stop at the McCabe house- you can park on Conservation or pull over to the grass. Please do not stop quick in the street on McCabe.

        1. Avatar photo

          I did help create this list and also help to maintain it. I’ve added you to our list! Thanks for reaching out!

  4. There’s another house in Jenison, on Redwood dr that decorates every year. This year’s theme is, “Monsters Ball”.

  5. Just wanted to confirm that Thornapple DR and Laraway Lake in Ada (Oliver Woods neighborhood) is decked out to the hilt! Much like Christmastime, the first house at the entrance goes ALL out; and many other houses throughout the neighborhood join in on a smaller scale.

  6. 1447-1449 Escott Ave. NW. We have a 7ft werewolf, Pennywise the dancing clown (IT), skeleton horse and stagecoach, a 6ft spider on the roof and plenty of inflatables, including the whole Halloweentown cast from Nightmare before Christmas! Add us to the list!!!

  7. It seems odd that this article doesn’t include a map link with all the addresses. Even worse, now that I want to make one, nothing on this site can be highlighted for copy/pasting? This is great information, not very usable.

      1. How do you make the list? We are down the street from Kinview and Kinrow.
        We decorate pretty good over here too.

  8. Please add a house that on Melita Ave off of Knapp St. I don’t know the specific address, but each year the home owner goes above and beyond with decor and actually dressing up to greet trick-or-treaters with a BOO!

    1. Yes! I’ve seen this house and it’s honestly one of the best houses because the owner goes above-and-beyond in dressing up too!

      1. Ashely – Thank you for the shout-out! I am the crazy Halloween lady you speak of and I am on the list above. We rented on Melita but purchased and moved to 921 Shawmut Ct NW!

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