The Breton Village Train Display was a Tradition For Many

For as long as I can remember, I’ve taken my kids to see the trains run at Breton Village Mall. The holiday display was fantastic and offered free fun for the whole family. We’d go every year and play I Spy – and sometimes visit Santa, too.

Last year, as Breton Village tore down its indoor mall as part of a large renovation, the Breton Village holiday train lost its display space. Many local families mourned the loss of this iconic holiday staple.

Visit This Beloved Train Display at The Gerald R. Ford Museum this Christmas!

Kristin Mooney, public affairs specialist at the Gerald R. Ford Museum has confirmed that the beloved Breton Village train is back and will be on display at the museum this season, starting December 1. I love that this local organization saw how special this train is to area families, and found space for it at their museum.

The train display was started by a local volunteer and train enthusiast. Over the years, different people have helped make the train show come to life. Now they are working to restore and build the display in time for the 2018 Christmas season.

Breton Village Holiday Christmas Trains

the trains when they were at Breton Village

When you can see the Train for FREE

The Gerald R. Ford Museum will be opening up their lobby to the public the month of December so you can see this cheery train for free. I am so excited!

Want more? Every Sunday in December the entire museum will be free, so you check out the choo choos and then enjoy all of the interesting Gerald R. Ford Museum exhibits, too. How’s that for a new family tradition?

Help them Light Up Downtown on December 1

The fun starts on Saturday, December 1, with the Light Up Downtown event. Not only can you see the old Breton Village train display, but you can be dazzled by the annual tree lighting and check out the holiday open house.


the trains when they were at Breton Village

Explore the Gerald R. Ford Museum After you see the Train

Did you know that the Gerald R. Ford Museum has a replica of the Oval Office? This and so much more is waiting to be discovered here. I can’t wait till my kids have all started studying American history in school so we can take a family field trip to the Ford. They have no idea what a special place is in our own town!

Rates for children ages 6-18 is $4, adults is $8, and children 5 and under are free.

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