This GR Gem is Tiny but Absolutely Smashing: Bruce Dice Museum

petoskey Stone - Michigan Dice Museum

Explore GR’s Hidden Little Rock Museum

Looking for something to do in Grand Rapids that’s new and off the beaten path?

Look no further than the Bruce Dice Mineralogical Museum at Calvin University!

This hidden little rock-filled treasure is perfect for locals that want something unique and educational to add to their list.

With gold nuggets, a 100-million-year-old fossilized octopus, meteorites, and glowing Yooperlites among the 375+ geological specimens from around the globe, there’s a lot to look at here.

Bruce Dice Museum Calvin College Minerals and Rocks

Find Crystals, Glowing Rocks & More

The Bruce Dice Mineralogical Museum might be small, but it’s packed with cool finds and natural wonders.

Here’s what you and your family can look forward to inside this dark-room escape:

  • UV Flashlights and Yooperlites: Kids and adults are invited to use UV flashlights to make Yooperlites glow at the interactive touch table.
Yooperlites Bruce Dice Mineral Museum Grand Rapids

  • Amazing Collections: Try to stay calm as you explore the different cases filled with precious specimens, including an interactive ultraviolet case that lets you make fluorescent minerals glow.
  • Scavenger Hunts and Prizes: Kids can dive into scavenger hunts and participate in a mineral passport program where stickers earned can add up to prizes.

Michigan Rocks and More

Another perk of the museum is its rotating displays.

No matter when you visit, you’ll likely find something new, from blue and green minerals to meteorites and minerals of the Bible.

Plus, the museum showcases rocks and minerals from Michigan, like Petoskey Stones (my personal favorite) and the rare Michigan State Gem, Isle Royale Greenstone.

How the Museum Came to Be

Bruce Dice, a 1948 Calvin alumnus, was a passionate geologist and rock collector.

Over the years, he gathered an amazing collection, including rare gems like crocoite from Australia.

His dream to share these treasures with everyone led to the creation of this museum, which is now a treat for the Grand Rapids and Calvin University community.

about Bruce Dice

Plan Your Visit

Getting There

The museum is located in the science building at Calvin University in Southeast Grand Rapids.

Address: 1740 Knollcrest Circle Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Map of Bruce Dice Museum Location at Calvin College

This summer, the Dice Museum is open to visitors in July and August. Here are the details:

  • Summer Open Dates: July 9 – August 30, 2024
  • Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 12:30 PM – 4 PM
  • Cost: Free!
  • Special Tours: Educational groups can arrange special tours by contacting Museum Director Kent Ratajeski at (616) 526-6769
  • More Info: Check out their website or Facebook page for more details
touch table Bruce Dice Mineralogical Museum (Calvin University Grand Rapids)

2 thoughts on “This GR Gem is Tiny but Absolutely Smashing: Bruce Dice Museum”

  1. Hi Melody. Great article about the museum! Really appreciate the review.

    After reading your article, I realized there was an error on our webpage concerning the date the museum opens for our summer hours. The Dice Museum will be open to the public Tuesdays-Fridays this summer, so that would start on JULY 9, not July 8. If you could correct this on your article, that would be most appreciated!

    Please let me know if you get this comment.

    Thank you!

    Kent Ratajeski, Dice Museum Director

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