Grand Haven Kite Festival 2024 is High-Flying Fun for Everyone

Grand Haven Kite Festival penguin and group of kids

The Sky’s the Limit at the Grand Haven Kite Festival

If you’re itching for the outdoors, warmer weather and something fun to do, plan to get outside this May at the two-day Grand Haven Kite Festival.

Hosted at Grand Haven State Park, the sky will be a flurry of kites and colors. Come enjoy the beach and all the sights.

With free admission, it’s the perfect recipe for an inexpensive, enjoyable experience along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Read on for details to help make your excursion one to remember.

Grand Haven Kite Festival Highlights

At the Grand Haven Kite Festival, both teams and individuals take their kites to the skies.

The kites vary in size and color: show kites, sport kites, some even larger than school buses.

And, BYOK because there’s plenty of space for you to fly your kite(s) as well.

Dates & Location: Grand Haven Kite Festival

The best thing about the kite festival? It’s a FREE event. Which may be why so many people come out to take part in the action.

Grand Haven Kite Festival Facebook Page

Dates & Times

Saturday, May 18, 2024: 10 AM – 5 PM

Sunday, May 19, 2024: 11 AM – 5 PM

Weather permitting


Grand Haven State Park – 1001 S. Harbor Drive, Grand Haven, MI 49417

If parking at the State Park, you need a State Park pass. Daily passes are available for $8.

Watch World Famous Kite Flying Teams

Teams come from around the nation to perform at the Grand Haven Kite Festival.

Observe professional teams from across the country as they put on their displays. Watch in awe as these world-famous stunt kite flyers maneuver kites across the sky.

Detroit Windjammers flying kites at Grand Haven Kite Festival

Past performers include the Chicago Fire and the Detroit Windjammers.

These are two of the longest-performing teams still working together today.

Fly Your Own Kite at the Festival in Grand Haven

Join in the fun and fly your own kite in the designated beach areas.

Grand Haven Kite Festival- fly your own kite

If you didn’t BYOK, sit back and enjoy watching everyone else’s kites.

Spend the Whole Day in Grand Haven

Flying kites isn’t all that Grand Haven has to offer, especially when it’s time to eat.

Grand Haven Kite Festival Food Truck

Bring a picnic lunch, grab a bite from a food truck, or visit a yummy restaurant in Grand Haven’s downtown.

Kite Festival Facts

The festival takes place every year on the weekend before Memorial Day. Many people see it as a great way to kick off the Michigan summer and beach season a little early.

Grand Haven Kite Festival - Large Kites

The Kite Festival has been around for over 30 years.

It began back in 1986 by MacKite proprietors as the Great Lakes Kite Festival, took a break for a year or two, and is now the Grand Haven Kite Festival.

PSA – Keep an Eye on the Weather

West Michigan weather in May can be unpredictable.

It’s important to remember that kite flying depends on the wind and weather cooperating. Kite fliers are very skilled at using what they get and if there is enough wind, you can rest assured there will be kites in the air.

Grand Haven Kite Festival

Visitors may want to dress in layers knowing it will get colder by the water and as the sun begins to set.

P.S. The Grand Haven Kite Festival is just one of many exciting Michigan festivals happening this year.

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