Favorite Swim Lessons in Grand Rapids

Our Great Lakes State Abounds With Swim Schools

If your family loves spending time at one of the many lakes in our area, then making sure everyone knows how to swim can be crucial. But not all kids love the process of learning to swim, so finding just the right instructor and swim school can make a huge difference.

Where are the Best Swim Classes for Kids?

If you are considering enrollment in swim classes for your family and need some direction on where to go, we are on it. Earlier this year, parents voted on their favorite places to play and live life in greater Grand Rapids in our first ever GRANDTASTIC AWARDS. Parents told us the best places around for swim lessons and the top 10 are listed below.

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Favorite Grand Rapids Swim Lessons for Kids

Splish, Splash! Our list will help you find parents’ favorite places to enroll kids in swim lessons in greater Grand Rapids.

Grandtastic Grand Rapids award winners


Infant Swim Resource with Michael Petrella was voted by our readers as the TOP swim lessons in greater Grand Rapids!


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Salvation Army Kroc Center

2500 S. Division, Grand Rapids, 49507 | 616-588-7200 | FACEBOOK 

The Kroc Center offers the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program using certified instructors. This program helps children learn the fundamentals of swimming and water safety through learning critical water skills.


TOP 10 – Favorite Swim Lessons Around West Michigan

Infant Swim Resource – Michael Petrella

Locations in Belmont, Grandville and Spring Lake

Goldfish Swim School

West Michigan parents are in love with Goldfish Swim School. This place got more votes than all the other instructors in our list combined! The heated pool, great teacher/student ratio, and student progression are what have families coming back to Goldfish.

2845 Thornhills Ave, Grand Rapids MI 49546. 259-0725

Julie’s Swim School

Julie is another personal instructor who trains children from her home pool in the summers and from various pools around town (Byron Center, Grandville and Holland) in the winter. Parents also love to brag at how quickly their children learn to swim under Miss Julie. 616-610-4424. Locations in Byron Center, Holland, Hudsonville, Jenison and Zeeland

Angel Swimmers – Michele Davis

Locations in Byron Center and Caledonia

Miss Rita’s Swim School

We’ve heard about Miss Rita for years. Many swear by her ability to get even the most timid child swimming in no time. They don’t call her the Swim Nazi for nothing–this teacher is hard core and no frills – make sure that style is a good fit for you. She’s got kids coming from around the U.S. to her Grandville pool to learn this life saving skill. 616-534-0066. Located in Grandville

The Grand Rapids Salvation Army Kroc Center

Nice small classes allow for one on one instruction. Teachers really care about the kids, recognize them, and talk with them during open swim too.

2500 Division Ave S

Grand Rapids, MI 49507. 616-588-7200

YMCA Greater Grand Rapids

  • David D Hunting Branch

475 Lake Michigan Drive NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49504

  •  Mary Free Bed Branch
  • 5500 Burton Street SE

    Grand Rapids, MI 49546

  • Spartan Stores Branch
  • 5722 Metro Way SW

    Wyoming, MI 49519

  • Wolverine Worldwide Family Branch 
  • 6555 Jupiter Ave NE

    Belmont, MI 49306


    More Places Offering Swim Lessons around Grand Rapids

    *bullet points offer parent comments

    Novi Sad Aquatics

    Grand Rapids

    • This is the place to go for swim lessons and end up watching your child bloom in the competitive swim programs. Novi Sad is serious about swimming!
    • We love Novi Sad Aquatics and have kids enrolled in both competitive levels and beginner swim lessons. No-frills, bare bones, and lots of coach attention. The prices are very competitive and GRPS kids qualify for discounts!
    • 15 36th St SE, Grand Rapids MI 49548

    GVSU Youth Swimming Instruction

    • Parent Comment: I love GVSU’s swim lessons. It is for ages 4 plus. They only run it in the spring and summer, but it is for two straight weeks. My kids learned so much last year. I can’t wait to enroll them again! I like the every day format as it didn’t give my oldest as much time to get nervous between the sessions. It kept her from having to ‘start over’ each week.

    Kentwood Public Schools Aquatic Center

    • They seem to have lots of patience and move at a pace my child is ok with.
    • They are excellent with the kids, and not only do they teach swimming, but they also teach water safety.


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    1. Debi Crawford-Poyner June 27, 2017 at 1:28 pm - Reply

      Are you looking for swimming lessons for your special needs child? Kentwood Parks and Recreation has been offering swimming lessons since 1993 with the same instructor, Miss Debi. Call 616-656-5270 for more information.

    2. Betsy Granstra October 9, 2016 at 10:51 am - Reply

      East Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation has awesome aw im classes also! 616-949-1750

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