The 10 Top-Voted Swim Lessons Near Grand Rapids

Favorite Grand Rapids Swim Lessons

Every Michigan Kid Should Take Swim Lessons

If you live in the Great Lakes state, you’ll want to know how to swim. It’s inevitable that Michigan kids will either own a pool or go to the beach, or be invited to a pool party or beach fun with friends. Knowing swim safety will give kids more freedom to experience Michigan summer at its best.

While knowing how to swim is important for Michigan kids, not all kids love the process of learning to swim. Finding the right instructor and swim school can make a huge difference in how much a kid learns in swim lessons.

Grand Rapids swim lessons

Where are the Best Swim Classes for Kids?

If you are considering enrollment in swim classes for your family and need some direction on where to go, start here.

Earlier this year, parents voted on their favorite places to play and live life in greater Grand Rapids in our GRANDTASTIC AWARDS. Parents told us the best places around for swim lessons and the top 10 are listed below.


Swimming Lessons for Kids

With our Great Lakes, countless inland lakes, amazing aquatic centers, and neighborhood pools, there are opportunities everywhere for swimming. So come summer, nothing eases my mind more than knowing my child is a confident swimmer.

Looking to get your kids enrolled into swim lessons with a trusted instructor so they can be a confident swimmer? The most loved places for swim lessons are all listed below.

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Voted Top Swimming Lessons for Kids

Goldfish Swim School

1- Goldfish Swim School 

2- Julie’s Swim School 

3- ISR (Infant Swimming Resources) – Michael Petrella 

4- MVP Sports Clubs 

5- YMCA – David D. Hunting 

6- (TIE) Miss Rita’s Swim School 

6- (TIE) The Kroc Center 

8- YMCA – Mary Free Bed

9- Miss Patty’s Swimming

10- Kentwood Public Schools Aquatic Center

Goldfish Swim School of Grand Rapids

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Our teaching philosophy, The Science of Swim Play, is used to build lifesaving water skills, from 4 months to 12 years old, in our state-of-the-art swimming facility.

2845 Thornhills Ave. Suite S | Grand Rapids, MI, 49546
FACEBOOK | 616-259-0725


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  1. Debi Crawford-Poyner

    Are you looking for swimming lessons for your special needs child? Kentwood Parks and Recreation has been offering swimming lessons since 1993 with the same instructor, Miss Debi. Call 616-656-5270 for more information.

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