Narnia Trail Michigan 2024: A Magical Michigan Hiking Experience

Narnia Trail Michigan

Head to the Narnia Trail, Michigan!

Narnia is Just a Short Drive Away from the Mackinac Bridge

No need to rummage through your grandmother’s old fur coats to find your path to Narnia.

Just a 30-minute drive northeast of the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula brings you to the Bush Bay hiking trail in Cedarville, Michigan (AKA Narnia Trail Michigan). It’s located near the Les Cheneaux Islands, with part of the trail on the John Arthur Woollam Preserve.

Narnia Les Cheneaux Islands Michigan

Here, prepare to be spellbound by a landscape reminiscent of the magical land of Narnia.

Rocky rugged lake huron shoreline bush bay hiking trail cedarville, MI
Rocky, rugged Lake Huron Shoreline – Bush Bay Hiking Trail – Cedarville, MI

Feel like you’re wandering through the pages of C.S. Lewis’s imagination as you tread on flat pathways, past mossy boulders that loom over your head, through enchanting cedar forests, and along the Lake Huron shoreline.

Be it the gnarled roots or the pine forest, every corner of this magical place makes you want to explore more.

Welcome to the Narnia Trail Michigan

Start your adventure on a flat path strewn with pine needles and puckered rocks.

With Lake Huron on one side and the dewy forest on the other, it’s time to walk deeper into the woods.

Rocky Shoreline Lake Huron Narnia Trail Upper Peninsula
Rocky Shoreline – Lake Huron

As you venture into the forest, the rock formations grow larger and more numerous.

Narnia Trail Michigan - Boulders and Forest

Watch your step; it’s easy to trip on the numerous roots and rocks in the pathway, especially when you’re distracted by the scenery.

Watch the Narnia Trail Michigan on Instagram

Narnia Trail Reel on Instagram

Climb and Explore

Keep following the red arrows to stay on the path for the Narnia Trail Michigan.

Red arrow signs mark the Narnia Trail in Cedarville Michigan

Just about the time you’re starting to wonder, where is it? Are we on the right path? a lamppost appears out of nowhere.

Narnia -  John Arthur Woollam Preserve - Les Cheneaux Islands

This is Narnia!

At this point, you’ve hiked about a mile.

Spend time climbing on, between, around, and over the big, mossy, limestone boulders.

Mossy Boulders on Narnia Trail Michigan in John Arthur Woollam Preserve - Les Cheneaux Islands
Mossy Boulders in Narnia – John Arthur Woollam Preserve – Les Cheneaux Islands

Look in all of the nooks and crannies – perhaps a previous explorer has left a treasure or a message from Narnia for you. Or, leave your own treasure for the next visitor to find.

Finding the Narnia Trail Michigan: Choose Your Trailhead

Located about 30 minutes from the Mackinac Bridge, this hidden gem hike is a must for anyone in the area.

The Narnia trail Michigan offers two starting points, both offering an out-and-back round trip of approximately 4 miles.

If you prefer a shorter initial walk, begin from the eastern end at the John Arthur Woollam Preserve. Regardless of your starting point, it’s about a mile to Narnia and your total journey will be approximately 2 miles.

Narnia Trail
Narnia Trail Michigan Map – All Trails

No matter which trailhead you use, the large boulders scattered along the shoreline and the crystal-clear waters make this one dreamy hike.

Option 1: Bush Bay Trail (XPRM+G2 Port Dolomite, Michigan)

This trailhead starts at the gravel parking lot near Carmeuse Lime & Stone Quarry. This trail from here features lovely scenery, but also comes with the sights and sounds of the Michigan Limestone substation across the bay.

Michigan Limestone substation - Bush Bay
Michigan Limestone Substation – Bush Bay

Option 2: John Arthur Woollam Preserve (M-134, Cedarville, MI 49719)

The more tranquil of the two options, this trailhead offers a slightly quicker path to Narnia. Trail maps are posted in the John Arthur Woollam Preserve parking lot.

Narnia Trail Michigan

Practical Things to Know About the Narnia Trail Michigan

  • Plan on a visit of at least 90 minutes to hike to Narnia and back from one of the trailheads.
  • This hike is appropriate for children, but is not stroller-friendly.
  • Trails are single-track and mostly easy/flat/well-packed, with a few wet sections that are helped out by strategically placed boards and logs.
  • Bush Bay Trail wetland crossing
  • Roots and rocks are common on the pathway.
  • Insects are common – bug spray is a good idea all year long.
  • Spring is a great time for bird-watching.
  • The shoreline is rocky in most places.
  • No dogs allowed.
  • Trail access depends on the level of the lake. In high-water times, some parts of the trail are impassable without getting wet.

Have You Hiked the Narnia Trail Michigan?

This special Michigan hike offers a blend of nature, adventure, and a bit of magic for anyone looking for an enchanting outdoor experience.

Are you planning to embark on this magical hike? Leave your thoughts, questions, or any special Narnia moments in the comments below.

We’d love to hear from you!

Narnia Trail Cedarville Michigan

Nearby Places to Visit

If you have some extra time during your visit, consider exploring these nearby highlights:

  • Tahquamenon Falls: Not only can you marvel at the powerful cascade of water, but you can also swim in the Lower Falls. Plus, there’s an island waiting to be explored!
  • Mackinac Island: Brimming with history, this iconic destination is ideal for a family day trip.
  • Ocqueoc Falls: Located just south of the bridge, this is another swim-friendly waterfall in Michigan that is worth the drive. ocqueoc falls michigan

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  1. I hiked this amazing trail 20 years ago while attending a camp with college friends. I have wanted to go back but never had the coordinates until today. Thanks for the post!

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