Roselle Park in Ada: Bike the Paved Paths, Explore the Playground and… Climb the Silo!

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Roselle Park in Ada is Unique

Roselle Park
1010 Grand River Dr NE, Ada, MI 49301

Roselle Park in Ada is not your traditional park. You won’t find swings or slides here, or even a splash pad.

But you will find a silo that you can climb to the top for incredible views. And a paved pathway that takes you through a beautiful nature preserve full of wetlands, prairie and forest.

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Roselle Park’s 240 acres are located north of Fulton on Grand River Drive in Ada Township. The twin silos will tip you off that you’ve arrived.

We’ve visited at various times of year and there are always other visitors, but it’s never super busy. Dogs are welcome, but they must be leashed and cleaned up after.

Roselle Park in Ada at a Glance

  • Playground that invites children to use their imaginations
  • Paved and natural trails
  • Silo to climb
  • A nature preserve
  • Wetland observation deck
  • Prairie
  • Forest
  • Grand River views
  • Canoe landing
  • Cross country skiing
  • Resource Building is available for rent and has indoor bathrooms
Roselle Park jumping kids Hunt

Roselle Park in Ada is Perfect for Tiny Bikers

This is the PERFECT place to take your young child and their bike, whether they’re pedaling with training wheels, using a balance bike, or scooting along on their own.

The paved path is relatively flat and in great condition. Plus, it doesn’t cross any roads.

Roselle Park biking girl
Roselle Park in Ada Township has paved pathways perfect for bike riding

Essentially, you’re jogging through a nature preserve with glimpses of the Grand River when you travel the paths at Roselle Park. You can go down and back or make a loop with the paths for an excursion just over 2 miles long.

Along the way you’ll find an observation deck that the kids will want to check out.

Roselle Park girls Balanda

There’s so much to explore at Roselle Park in Ada and it’s so different from a traditional park that kids will be drawn in from the start.

Roselle Park in Ada silo view
View of Roselle Park from the top of the silo.

Tips for Your Trip From Other Parents

  • Roselle Park is in full sun, so prepare accordingly.
  • Being in a wetland/prairie area, prepare for mosquitos or other bugs. (We did not encounter any in early September, but they may be bad in other seasons.)
  • Have your kids try the door to the silo. And watch their excitement as they discover steps to the top to take in beautiful views.
  • There is a wooden wetlands observation deck off the paved trail to the river that kids like to climb.
Roselle Park silo stairs girl Ward
Inside the Silo at Roselle Park in Ada Township
Roselle Park climbing wall VanderW 1
Outdoor Rockwall at Roselle Park

Roselle Park in Ada FAQ’s

Is this park good for toddlers?

Roselle Park spider web kids Siemens

This play structures at the park are geared toward bigger kids (climbing wall, rope webs), though toddlers would enjoy a stroller ride down the paved pathways, or climbing the steps inside the tower.

How are the bathrooms?

These may be the nicest park bathrooms around! Open 7 AM – 9 PM, they’re located in the Resource Building, which was just opened in 2016, and everything is new and clean.

Are there picnic tables and grills?

There aren’t many picnic tables at Roselle, and no grills. You can find benches for sitting, but bring a picnic blanket just in case the tables are in use.

Is there any shade?

There isn’t much shade at Roselle Park, save for the shade that the silos cast.

Can I fly a kite here?

Roselle Park is rather large, though most of it is wetlands or fields. The best spot for kite flying is near the Resource Building.

Is there an admission fee?

No admission fee for Roselle Park.

When is this park open?

Roselle Park is open year round, dawn to dusk.
The Resource Building is also available for rental year round to non-profits and local business.

What is parking like?

There is one main parking lot for the park, and a second lot for the Resource Building, where you can also park if it isn’t full for an event.

Roselle Park creek cattails

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