The Complete List of Splash Pads & Pools Around Grand Rapids – with MAP!

splash pads near grand rapids, MI

Splash Pads and Water Fun that Will Help You Stay Cool

I love splash pads for the younger crowd. Kiddie pools are fun, too, but these spray parks have their place.

Kids can choose their own level of “getting wet” at a splash pad. Older kids can let dump buckets spill over their heads repeatedly while nervous toddlers can just make wet footprints.

Plus, I don’t have to squeeze into my bathing suit (why does it shrink on me every year?).

We are marking splash pads that have been confirmed to be open for 2020 with

Any listing without a notation has not yet been verified for 2020. If you can confirm a listing is open, please email [email protected] Thanks!

When the kids are bigger, we can all go bananas in the pool!

When it’s 95 degrees and the humidity is just as high, I will do whatever it takes to squeeze into that swimsuit (I eventually buy the next size up– gotta face the music here) and plunge into the pool with my kids.

We’ve compiled a list of all the area splash pads, splash parks, kiddie pools, and pools. Whether you’re looking to get wet in Grand Rapids, Holland, or destinations in between, we’ve got you covered.

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City of GR Splash Pads

The City of Grand Rapids has been working hard over the past few years to convert old wading and kiddie pools into modern splash pad and water playgrounds at various parks around town. These splash pads have become staples in local neighborhoods and make visiting a park with one of these water play amenities an added treat.

CITY OF GRAND RAPIDS will begin opening splash pads on  June 8, 2020.

They are updating this Facebook post as each splash pad reopens. As of time of printing, the following pads are open.

♥ OPEN : Aberdeen Park Splash Pad
2230 Eastern Ave NE, Grand Rapids MI

♥ OPEN : Alger Park Splash Pad
921 Alger St. SE, Grand Rapids MI

♥ OPEN: Campau Park Splash Pad
50 Antoine Street SW, Grand Rapids MI

♥ OPEN: Cherry Park Splash Pad
725 Cherry Street SE, Grand Rapids MI

♥ OPEN: Fuller Park Splash Pad
300 Fuller Avenue NE, Grand Rapids MI

♥ OPEN: Gerald R. Ford Academic Center Splash Pad
851 Madison SE, Grand Rapids MI

♥ OPEN: Heartside Park Splash Pad
69 Ionia SE, Grand Rapids MI

♥ OPEN: Highland Park Splash Pad
523 Grand Avenue NE, Grand Rapids MI

♥ OPEN: Joe Taylor Park Splash Pad
1030 Bemis SE, Grand Rapids MI

♥ OPEN: Lincoln Park Splash Pad
231 Marion Avenue NW, Grand Rapids MI

♥ OPEN: Mary Waters Park Splash Pad
1042 Lafayette NE, Grand Rapids MI

♥ OPEN: Mulick Park Splash Pad
1632 Sylvan Avenue SE, Grand Rapids MI

♥ OPEN: Roosevelt Park Splash Pad
739 Van Raalte Drive SW, Grand Rapids MI

♥ OPEN: Wilcox Park Splash Pad
100 Youell Avenue SE, Grand Rapids MI

City Pools – GR

⊗ CLOSED: Briggs Park Pool
350 Knapp St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505

⊗ CLOSED: Martin Luther King Park Pool
900 Fuller Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

⊗ CLOSED: Richmond Park Pool
1101 Richmond St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504
This pool is zero entry so it’s perfect for young kids


Many of the splash pads south and west of Grand Rapids are near playgrounds which makes for even more fun things to do outside. Most of them are free to everyone, but a couple do have a small admission fee.

Pinewood Park
 1999 Wolfboro Dr SE, Kentwood, MI 49508
Open Memorial Day – Labor Day, 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

♥ OPEN: Veteran’s Memorial Park
355 48th St, Kentwood, Michigan 49548
Open Memorial Day – Labor Day, 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
SPECIAL NOTE: The park is currently under construction and the splash pad is not available until it’s finished. A bigger splash pad will be coming!

♥ OPEN: Millennium Beach Park & Splash Pad ($)
1415 Maynard Avenue SW, Grand Rapids.
Open the weekend before Memorial Day weekend – Labor Day weekend. Check website for splash pad hours and admission fees.

millennium park splash pad - siemens

2561 Porter St, Wyoming, MI 49519
Open June 1 through Labor Day, 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

Oriole Park
1380 42nd St SW, Wyoming MI 49509
Open June 1 through Labor Day.

♥ OPEN: Southlawn Park
4125 Jefferson Ave SE, Wyoming
Open June 1 through Labor Day.

♥ TENTATIVELY OPENING JULY 6: Kroc Center Pool & Playground ($)
2500 S. Division Ave, Grand Rapids
Outdoor Splash pad open May 30 through Labor Day weekend during Open Swim hours. Open Swim Times vary daily, so please visit their website for accurate times.


Enjoy a different kind of water play north and west of Grand Rapids.

♥ OPEN Rogers Park
75 North Union Stree, Sparta MI 49345
Small splash pad in Rogers Park in the Village of Sparta, across from the bowling alley.

♥ OPEN Frederik Meijer Gardens ($)
1000 East Beltline Avenue NE, Grand Rapids
Sunday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday & Wednesday – Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, and Tuesday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Great Lakes water play area and small wading fountain.

Leslie E. Tassell Park Interactive Fountain
2900 Thornapple River Dr. SE, Grand Rapids

Open 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM (hours given are for the park, fountain hours may vary).

water play splash pads - meijer gardens water play area


Most of the Ottawa County splash pads have the added bonus of on-site bathrooms. Some also have toddler area separated from the older kid zones.

Allendale Twp. Park & Splash Pad
6676 Lake Michigan Drive, Allendale
Features two splash pads: one for toddlers and one for older kids. On-site bathrooms.

♥ OPEN: Maplewood Park 
8000 12th Avenue, Jenison, MI
Open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Splash pad is enclosed and has some picnic tables. On-site bathrooms.

♥ OPEN: Terra Square – Hudsonville Splash Pad
Harvey Street, Hudsonville, MI

This splash pad is very small and is perfect for toddlers. It’s off of Chicago Drive, by Dorados and Sonder.

⊗ CLOSED: City of Zeeland Splash Pad Park
21 S Elm St, Zeeland
Open Memorial Day through Labor Day, 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM except for Sundays open at 12:00 PM.
Barrier-free with on-site bathrooms.

♥ OPEN: Downtown Holland Splash Pad
99 East 8th St, Holland
Open 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Please note that we haven’t been able to verify that this splash pad is still operational

♥ OPEN: Rosewood Park
1899 Rosewood St, Jenison
Open 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM

(Hours given are for the park, splash pad hours may vary)
Picnic tables nearby. On-site bathrooms.

maplewood park jenison splash pad

♥ OPEN: Grand Haven Splash Pad
101 N. Harbor Drive, Grand Haven

Open in warmer months weather permitting.


Spray Plaza
100-150 N Church St, Hastings
On-site bathrooms


Private pools come with the added bonus of access to other amenities whether it’s golf courses or fitness activities.

If your family loves to swim and be active, a membership to a pool may be right for you.

Watermark Country Club ($)
5500 Cascade Road SE, Grand Rapids, 49546

Option to purchase a pool-only membership

Thousand Oaks Golf Club ($)
4100 Thousand Oaks Drive, Grand Rapids, 49525

Option to purchase a pool-only membership
Membership includes access to an off-site pool at Watermark, Stonewater or Sunnybrook

Stonewater Country Club ($)
7177 Kalamazoo Ave. SE, Caledonia, 49316
Option to purchase a pool-only membership

Sunnybrook Country Club ($)
624 Port Sheldon Street SW, Grandville, 49418
Option to purchase a pool-only membership

Ridgemoor Swim Club ($) 
2435 Inverness Rd SE, Grand Rapids, 49546

Kent Country Club ($) 
1600 College Ave NE Grand Rapids, 49505

♥ OPEN: MVP Sportsplex – Burton ($) 
4035 Burton St, Grand Rapids, 49546

♥ OPEN: MVP Athletic Club ($)
115 Crahen Ave NE, Grand Rapids, 49525

MVP Athletic Club – Holland ($) 
650 S Waverly Rd, Holland, 49423

Macatawa Golf Club ($)
4600 Macatawa Legends Blvd., Holland, 49424

Cascade Hills Country Club ($)
3725 Cascade Road SE, Grand Rapids, 49546

Blythefield Country Club ($)
5801 Northland Dr. NE, Belmont, 49306

Egypt Valley Country Club ($)
7333 Knappy St. NE, Ada, 49301


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Did we miss any splash pads, pools, water parks or kiddie pools? Let us know below!

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Allendale Park Feature

Splash Pad at Allendale Community Park
There are two splash pads - a larger and a smaller. Water turns on seasonally at 10 AM.

More About Allendale Community Park
Allendale Community Park has TWO splash pads and a giant sandbox, making it a fun kids park for all ages.

Perfect for toddlers, it has a small separate playground as well as a smaller splash pad.

For the older kids, it has a larger playground area with play structures. There is also a second bigger splash pad, a giant sandbox, an Octoball pit, picnic tables, basketball hoops and baseball fields.

Splash Pad at Leslie E. Tassell Park
The small, circular splash pad is ringed with landscaping and landscaping bricks, perfect for perching as you watch the kids play.

The water in this area spouts up from the ground. Bring a plastic cup to put on top and watch it fly into the air!

But the main draw at the splash pad is the inclusion of sculptures as water features.

More About Leslie E. Tassell Park
Water & nature are the themes at Leslie E. Tassell Park!

Walk among the shade from the mature trees and admire the amazing landscaping, splash pad with interactive fountains, and sculptures.

The park's location along the Thornapple River & Cascade Dam provide visitors with opportunities for fishing, canoeing & kayaking, or just relaxing in a hammock along the riverbank.

Use only for Campau Park Splash Pad

Splash Pad at Campau Park
The splash pad or "water playground" is right next to the playground, and offers cool streams of water that kids can run through. The surface is of the pad is concrete.

More About Campau Park
Campau Park is perfect for a hot summer's day, where kids can run from the sunny playground to the cooling splash pad. This fun kids park also offers a large basketball court, a picnic shelter and picnic tables throughout.

Use only for Cherry Park Splash Pad

Splash Pad at Cherry Park
Splash pad or "water playground" has a concrete surface and several streams of water to cool you off on a hot day.

More About Cherry Park
Cherry Park is a small urban community park perfect for a summer's day. The water playground and two playground areas are close together, with benches and picnic tables nearby for parents to sit and relax and watch the kids.

Use only Mulick Park Splash Pad

Splash Pad at Mulick Park
The large splash pad at Mulick Park has a variety of options for every age water-goer.

Large sprayers send streams of water up into the air and then back down on waiting kids. Or stand beneath a curved head and get rained on.

Four water rings create a small tunnel for kids to run through.

There are also shorter spraying poles for younger kids.

The entire splash pad is within a chain-link fence and nearby the restrooms.

More About Mulick Park
Mulick Park's large splash pad is the perfect place to cool off in the summers.

With a playground, picnic area, baseball diamonds and tennis courts, it has something for the whole family.

This fun kids park also provides thrills during the chillier months with shorter sledding hills, perfect for younger kiddos.

Use only for Mary Water Park Splash Pad

Splash Pad at Mary Waters Park
The small, circular splash pad at Mary Waters Park is in full sun. A low brick wall borders part of it where parents can sit to watch their kids.

The splash pad has several water fountains that spray up from the ground at a variety of angles.

More About Mary Waters Park
Mary Waters Park is all about visitors staying cool, featuring a shaded playground, a splash pad with water fountains and a covered picnic area.

The fun continues in the winter, with a long gradual hill that is perfect for sledders of all ages.

Use only for Highland Park Splash Pad

Splash Pad at Highland Park
The sprawling concrete splash pad has a variety of spraying options for kids to explore.

Each water feature comes directly out of the ground. There aren't any dump buckets at Highland Park's splash pad.

But kids will love the water that bends through the air, creating arches for kids to run under and through. There are also sprayers at different intensities and angles.

Benches alongside the cement are perfect for parents to watch their kids playing or opt to spread out a blanket on the grass. The playground is close by for kids to run back and forth.

More About Highland Park
Highland Park is an urban park with lots of options for both kids and adults.

The splash pad is a huge attraction for the kids, while the disc golf course draws the teens and adults.

Use only for Lincoln Park Splash Pad

Splash Pad at Lincoln Park
The splash pad at Lincoln Park is wide open and located near the playground. It has many fountains at different angles that spray cool, refreshing water up into the air for kids up all sizes to enjoy.

Restrooms located nearby. Plan to spread a blanket on the ample grass to watch your kids as there is limited seating.

More About Lincoln Park
Lincoln Park is an oasis just west of downtown Grand Rapids, where visitors will enjoy the playground, fenced basketball courts and larger splash pad in the summertime.

This fun park is also reviewed as one of the cleanest parks around, with well manicured open fields perfect for chasing kids.

Pack a lunch, too, because there are plenty of picnic tables.

Use only for Joe Taylor Park Splash Pad

Splash Pad at Joe Taylor Park

Kids will love the splash pad at Joe Taylor Park. All over a concrete surface and partially fenced-in, it features dump buckets and spraying rings to run through.

If younger kids aren't brave enough for dump buckets, they can test out the sprayers from the ground.

Several benches are alongside the full-sun splash pad for parents to supervise their kids. A covered pavilion is nearby for a lunch or an escape from the sun.

Bathrooms are adjacent to the splash pad.

More About Joe Taylor Park
Joe Taylor Park is a small, modest park in an urban neighborhood.

Kids will love the splash pad with its bucket dumpers, and parents will love the toddler-focused playground and benches surrounding the park.

This park is perfect for a couple of hours of fun on a hot summer day!

Use only for Roosevelt Park Splash Pad

Splash Pad at Roosevelt Park
The splash pad at Roosevelt Park features fountains of varying heights and intensities.

Kids will love being able to choose just how wet they really want to get: they can dip their toes into one of the smaller fountains on the outside or get soaked beneath one of the taller fountains in the middle of the splash pad.

Benches and grassy areas provide parents a place to watch their kids. Some of the benches are shaded underneath trees.

More About Roosevelt Park
The kids will have a great time going back and forth between the playground and the splash pad at Roosevelt Park.

Parents will enjoy the free WiFi and covered picnic shelters to camp out while the kiddos play.

MLK Martin Luther King pool city of grand rapids

MLK Martin Luther King pool city of GRand Rapids happy swimmers

Pool at Martin Luther King Park
MLK's massive pool is a magnet in the summertime. There's lots of space to swim, lots of new friends to make, and a giant waterslide.

Lifeguards on duty, and restrooms/changing area available in the lower level of the community center.

More About Martin Luther King Park
MLK Park, nicknamed King Park by the neighborhood, is a large community park on the city's southeast side.

In addition to a playground underneath aged shade trees, there are numerous tennis and basketball courts for local and team playing and everyone's favorite: a large pool with a massive water slide!

Their community center is also home to local neighborhood meetings and hosts a fitness center. It also has restrooms and changing rooms for the pool.

Use only for Fuller Park Splash Pad

Splash Pad at Fuller Park
The small circular splash pad has a couple options for kids looking to cool off.

Kids can jump through or dip their toes beneath the streams of water spraying up from the concrete surface. The different fountains create different patterns and intensities of water.

Or kids can opt to run through the plastic archway and get sprayed on all directions at once.

Plenty of grass surrounds the splash pad for parents to spread out a picnic blanket and supervise.

More About Fuller Park
Fuller Park is perfect for the whole family, from the kids to the furry members of your family!

Splash pad offers refreshment on a hot day, and dogs can play at the dog park.

Use only for Gerald R Ford Academic Center Splash Pad

Splash Pad at Gerald R Ford Academic Center
Kids will love jumping through the many streams of water that shoot up through the pavement.

Benches surround the splash pad for supervising parents and kids needing a break from the water. A few trees nearby provide shade for picnic blankets.

More About Gerald R Ford Academic Center
Gerald R. Ford Academic Center offers a great place to cool off after some playground time.

Benches surround the splash pad - perfect place for parents to relax while the kids splash!

Use only for Aberdeen Park Splash Pad

Splash Pad at Aberdeen Park
The splash pad is a mitten shape and features Michigan-based structures like a bald eagle, Grand River, black bear, morel mushroom, lighthouse and more. It is open from 10 AM - 9 PM during the summer.

More About Aberdeen Park
This fun kids park boasts a playground, green space to run, picnic areas and a Michigan-themed splash pad. Aberdeen Park is an urban park perfect for kids of all ages. Older kids will love the basketball court, soccer field, tennis courts and ball diamond.

Use only for Wilcox Park Splash Pad

Splash Pad at Wilcox Park
Circular, concrete splash pad with water fountain features. This splash pad does not have any "toys" on it.

Rather, visitors will enjoy running through the spray elements as they go off at various times while parents relax on nearby benches.

More About Wilcox Park
A sweet little getaway in the city! Splash pad, basketball & tennis courts, picnic tables & an enclosed shelter, and two playgrounds with separate climbing structures.

They even have some old school playground equipment. It's also a good place to hammock, play frisbee, or fly a kite.

Use only for Alger Park Splash Pad 2

Splash Pad at Alger Park
The concrete-topped splash pad has tons of fun spray features, benches and picnic tables. The restroom is close to the pad and recently updated. Splash pad is open from 10 AM to 9 PM daily.

More About Alger Park
Alger Park is a fun kids park for everyone!

Older kids and adults will love the bike and walking trails, track and sports fields and courts. The younger kids will have a blast on the playground and the splash pad.

Use only for Heartside Park Splash Pad

Splash Pad at Heartside Park
The small splash pad at Heartside Park has engaging water features for splashers of all ages.

Kids will love running through the ringed water tunnel or dipping their feet underneath the fountains that spray up from the ground.

Taller curved poles rain water down on kids beneath them.

The whole splash pad is over concrete and located near the playground. Parents can spread out blankets on the grassy area to watch their kids.

More About Heartside Park
Heartside Park is an urban park located next to the Downtown Market.

Kids will love splashing around the splash pad and parents will love the quick walk to the market to grab some grub.

Note that there is a homeless population here. Please be respectful of the people and their property when you visit.

Splash Pad at Spray Plaza
Smaller splash pad with interactive fountain water features.

More About Spray Plaza
Spray Plaza is a gorgeous and smaller, yet modern splash pad that cools off visitors with an awesome multicultural mural in the background.

Terraced seatwalls are directed towards a community amphitheater dedicated to celebrating the performing arts.

hudsonville spotlight woonerf

Splash Pad at Terra Square Splash Pad
Interactive fountain features on a smaller splash pad.

More About Terra Square Splash Pad
Enjoy a bike ride or walk on this shared street in Hudsonville to this small interactive splash pad, which is perfect for toddlers and younger children.

The splash pad is located right next to Terra Square, where the summertime farmer's market is a huge draw as well.

Rosewood Park splash pad girl fun 2

Splash Pad at Rosewood Park
The splash pad is smaller and perfect for toddlers.

It's near the playground, but not fenced in. Keep an eye on fast kids, as they may whiz in and out of the two play areas.

The splash pad is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

More About Rosewood Park
Rosewood Park is a kid magnet. The playground and splash pad are very well kept, and their equipment appeals to a range of ages.

Rosewood Park has a two-story slide! And a splash pad!

maplewood Park in Jenison

Splash Pad at Maplewood Park
Open Memorial Day-Labor Day and completely fenced in.

There are some picnic tables nearby - a few are shaded.

There are plenty of grassy areas for picnic blankets.

The smaller toddler toys are on one end of the pad and taller dump buckets and squirters are on the other.

More About Maplewood Park
With both a splash pad and lake, water lovers will rejoice.

The park also includes a variety of athletic fields, a walking path, and a playground.

Veterans Park splash pad

Splash Pad at Veterans Memorial Park
Several different water features including fountains, hoops to walk through and a dump bucket

More About Veterans Memorial Park
Located next to the Kentwood Activities Center, Veterans Memorial Park has a newer playground, restrooms, new picnic shelter and a splash pad! Athletes can play soccer, tennis or basketball. Next time you walk or ride the East West trail, stop by for a visit!

Pinewood Park Splash pad Mary Ward

Splash Pad at Pinewood Park
The splash pad at Pinewood Park is great for kids of all ages.

Toddlers will love the small, rotating frogs that gently spray water.

Fountains that shoot up from the pavement are great for dipping your toes and creating footprints.

Several taller features invite for adventurous kids to come cool off beneath them.

Benches and grassy areas alongside the splash pad are great for watchful parents and the restrooms are nearby as well.

More About Pinewood Park
Pinewood Park offers visitors several playing fields and courts, large colorful play structures, a covered pavilion, and a splash pad.

Pinewood Park also has lots of open area, with a soccer field, baseball diamond, skateboarding ramps and basketball courts.

In addition to the playgrounds, there is also a sandy area for digging and playing younger kids will love.

Splash Pad at Grand Haven Splash Pad
Located in the middle of the action, this small splash pad is on a concrete pad with spouts of water controlled by motion detectors.

Its surrounding wall is great for sitting to watch the fountain and the kids.

More About Grand Haven Splash Pad
The Grand Haven Splash Pad is a fun stop to make on the way to or from the beach or as a reward for walking the pier.

Located near the marina and ice cream, kids will love this interactive splash pad and parents will love the break it provides.

Splash Pad at William Rogers Village Park
This small splash pad is mostly enclosed by a short gate.

Kids love jumping through the sprays that come up from the ground.

There are a few benches within the splash pad and umbrellas over them provide shade for watching parents.

More About William Rogers Village Park
William Rogers Village Park is the perfect spot for young kids!

It boasts a stone-wall enclosed playground with swings, splash pad, paved pedestrian paths and volleyball court.

During warmer months the large band shell performance area hosts concerts and events. Extra bonus: there is also a nearby ice cream shop!

Millennium Park splash pad Grand Rapids

Splash Pad at Millennium Park
The completely enclosed splash pad provides dozens of opportunities for kids to get wet.

Kids can opt to run through the ring tunnel or stand underneath dump buckets.

A variety of poles and features wait to spray unsuspecting (or maybe waiting) kids as they pass.

Kids can also team up with a friend to spray each other with water guns.

Admission to the splash pad is $2 - $4 depending on age. Season passes also available.

More About Millennium Park
This sprawling, 1,400 acre park offers endless activities.

Experience 18 miles of trails (both paved and unpaved) for both bikers and hikers, playgrounds, shelter rentals and expansive water sports fun - including both a beach and a splash pad.

People come here to swim, boat, bike, bird watch, picnic, play volleyball, cross country ski and more.

Oriole Park Wyoming Splash Pad Shaffer

Splash Pad at Oriole Park
The smaller splash pad at Oriole Park is inviting for kids, particularly younger kids.

The short spray poles are toddler-sized.

The taller, gentle poles are great for more anxious kids and there's also a spaying hoop to run through.

The splash pad is right next to the playground so kids can run back and forth between the two.

A wide open grassy space, benches nearby and a covered pavilion provide plenty of seating options for supervising parents.

More About Oriole Park
Oriole Park is in a fantastic residential neighborhood that is perfect for any warm weather outing.

This park has a partially enclosed playground area with multiple slides situated right next to a splash pad when the kids are ready to cool off.

Make a day of it and enjoy a lunch in the picnic area, or get your exercise in on the basketball or tennis courts and paved walking/biking path.


Splash Pad at Southlawn Park
The splash pad has a variety of water features, including hoops to run through, shower spray and shooting fountains.

More About Southlawn Park
Southlawn Park is located in a residential area and is the perfect place to pack a lunch and cool down.

It features a splash pad, small playground, open fields and picnic tables.

Please note there are not any restrooms onsite so go before you hit the road!

Splash Pad at Lamar Park
This huge splashpad is universally accessible. The interactive play space features soaker stations, a water tunnel, fire hydrant and dumping buckets in a variety of bright, vibrant colors.

Activate the splash pad with the button on top of the red fire hydrant or with the foot pedal near the water rings.

Aqua Chairs are available to rent in one hour increments for up to four hours so everyone can participate in the fun. Call 616-530-3164 to make chair reservations.

More About Lamar Park
If your family has a variety of interests, Lamar Park is your one-stop-shop for everyone's entertainment.

Sports fields & courts, a climbing wall, huge splash pad, playground, walking path and amazing picnic areas to enjoy a meal al fresco make Lamar Park the perfect way to spend a family day together.

The playground has accessible play equipment.

zeeland splash pad

Splash Pad at City of Zeeland Splash Pad Park
Kids like to bring buckets to play with at this barrier-free, colorful corner splash pad tucked along Elm Street in Zeeland. To activate the water during park hours, touch the center of each drain with your finger or toe.

The splash pad is fenced in and offers some shaded seating on the raised central deck.

Spray towers and spray elements make this a fun park for kids toddler to ten years old. The surface is concrete.

The park also includes a fireplace, public restroom facilities, and shaded seating and dining areas.

More About City of Zeeland Splash Pad Park
The City of Zeeland Splash Pad Park is a concrete-based, barrier-free play area that includes water features for both toddlers and older children.

Also included are onsite restrooms, shaded seating and dining areas, and a raised observation deck to observe all the splash pad excitement while staying dry.

64 thoughts on “The Complete List of Splash Pads & Pools Around Grand Rapids – with MAP!”

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  2. Hastings has a small one right by the movie theater. There is also a small performance stage there that hosts family entertainment in the summer – not to mention the new amphitheater three blocks over. Bound to be lots of art and musical fun in Hastings this year!

  3. Rosewood Park, formally known as Charlie’s dump, in Jenison, has a brand-new splash pad opening this year. A new playground for toddlers as well too!

    1. Yes you can! Had my sons first birthday there. Stop in at the township office. I think it cost a little money. I can’t remember.

  4. Does any one know if mulick parks splash pad is opening this year? I went to take my kids earlier today, and the entrance gate was locked…

    1. I called them today because it has been locked and the parks and rec department says they are closed until further notice. 🙁

  5. there is a Splashpad in Grand Haven too! Between the band stands and I believe the ice cream shop is called Temptations.

  6. lamar park is nice but the splash psd can be a little slippery for little ones. I would suggest water shoes for young kids at that park. Pinewood Park in Zkentwood is small but not slippery. Both parks hav nice play areas

  7. Laura's Last Ditch--Vintage Kitchenwares

    News from the city of GR is that the Alger Middle School splash pad is open from 11-7.

  8. The Maplewood Splashpad is open from 11am-8pm. It is really nice and has a nice playground, too. There is a limited number of shaded tables, but there is space in the grass for umbrellas if you bring your own. Also worth noting, there is one of the huge cell phone towers right in the lot to the park. There are some strong arguments that argue being in close proximity to them isn’t safe and arguments that it is fine…either way, just nice to know it’s there if that’s something you don’t want your kiddos (and yourself) around.

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  10. Pingback: Summer FREEBIES for Kids in Grand Rapids |

    1. I just updated the post for 2013. There were a few minor changes for the GR open hours, but other than that, most of the info looks to have stayed the same. Let us know if you come across something that has changed. Thanks!

    1. It’s pretty early in the year- most open closer to June. We will let you know if we come across any that are already open.

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  12. I’m looking for an outdoor pool to join this summer. Any ideas for the SE Grand Rapids area? I’m willing to drive to get to a good pool. I’m just not sure what is available. Thanks!

  13. I don’t know if Holland is too far from GR to list here, but there’s been a splash pad for years now right in downtown Holland on 8th Street next to the 99 East 8th Street building.

  14. Southlawn Park on Bellevue & Jefferson SW (near South Godwin Elementary School) also has a splashpad, playground & covered picnic shelter. There are also benches that surround the play area.

  15. Is the Garfield Park Wading pool even functional? I have checked several times last year when they said that it was open and it was not.

  16. Pinewood park in Kentwood has a new splash pad with benches around it and a covered picnic area very close. Plus there is a large playground area.

    Also, Lamar Park in Wyoming has close-by covered areas with benches near their splash pad.

  17. Kentwood activities center on 48th st (between Eastern and Division) has a large park, volleyball/ sandpit and a splash pad! I see the city was redoing the parking lot, and updating…so we were going to check it out today!

  18. There is also a splash pad in Allendale at the park behind the fire station (on Lake MI dr and 68th) as well as one in downtown Holland, right next to the shopping district. Sorry I don’t know the name of the street for the one in Holland.

    1. The one here in Allendale is pretty small, but perfect for a low-key day. It is located in the Allendale Township Park (corner of Lake Michigan Drive (M-45) and 68th), and there is playground equipment as well. There are NOT a lot of picnic tables, but if you bring a blanket, there’s plenty of grass. It was finished Summer of 2012, so it’s in pretty good shape! I believe last year the water came on about 10 am.

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  20. Thanks Lindsay and Georgine!! We will check it out! I always like to check out new places, but with the pregnancy I want to be more cautious of where I can go so mommy can rest a bit ;).

  21. Tamara, I don’t think i see it on the list, but wilcox park wading pool is great for this. It is a GR Rec site and is near east town, st thomas school and aquinas. check to see if they will be opening this year. spots with shade and sun and playground too

  22. Question … which splash park is the best for letting my active kids 2 and 4yo get wet why I put my feet up (I need to take it easy rest of June and July) … I’m 8 mos pregnant (due in July) and want a carefree environment … just splash, no pool (since it’s just me when hubby at work during day)? I have been to Meijers Gardens and I do like it, but any other ideas without all the walking? I do like going to Fallasburg Creek/park and Townsend park lots too … “natural” splash parks, teehee!

    1. Tassell park in Cascade is basically just a flat fountain with “jumping” water (as my 3 year old says). There are benches and shady grassy areas where you can sit. It’s not very big it kept a 3, 4 and 6 year old occupied for almost 2 hours last week!

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