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Soaring Eagle Waterpark is a Great Grand Rapids Family Vacation

The Eagle Has Landed

For my son’s ninth birthday, our family opted for a night at Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel rather than a party. It turned out to be a great choice!  An hour and a half drive was very manageable (we didn’t even need to make a potty stop!) and we were impressed with everything about our stay. We reserved two adjoining rooms since there were going to be nine of us in total. Although quite small, the rooms were very comfortable and tastefully decorated.


The main attraction is the water park, though, so the time spent in our rooms was pretty limited! When we arrived we were all tagged with the mandatory water park bracelets, but get this—they act as your room key, too! How smart is that? You just wave your bracelet in front of your door and voila! You’re in!

There are some unique features to this water park compared to some others we have visited:

  • The FlowRider (not to be confused with the singer Flo Rida—this is quite different). FlowRider is a bodyboarding/surfing simulator that is totally rad. The bigger kids loved it!
  • A real rock wall (not plastic!) that is nearly impossible to scale. When you fall off, you fall into the pool.
  • Slides. Although they don’t have a lot of slides, the ones they have are great! Most of the kids liked the Loon’s Loop best (fondly named The Toilet Bowl by our classy clan because you go around and around in a huge funnel-like motion before you are “flushed” down the rest of the tube). The other major waterslide is a body slide called Otter’s Run that is fast enough to give you an atomic wedgie if you’re not careful.
  •  They also have a fun water playground with some small slides, a lazy river, a pool for playing in or shooting hoops, and
  • a HUGE hot tub.

Although the water park is the main attraction, they do offer some other nice perks. They have Story Time every evening (they even brought out warm chocolate chip cookies and milk when we were there!). There is also an arcade, an outdoor gas fire pit, and a small outdoor playground.

As far as food goes, there are two on-site restaurants. One is a pretty basic quick food restaurant within the water park (which we did not try). We did check out their other venue, Nbakade Dining Room. We had the breakfast buffet at this nicer, sit-down restaurant. It was AMAZING and not too expensive.

On the day we left we were told that we were free to use the water park all day. So, getting almost two full days of water park in made it feel like a great deal. We would definitely consider returning to the Soaring Eagle Hotel and Waterpark!

Sometimes they offer deals on Facebook. For more information, call (989) 817- 4800 or visit their website.