$10 Half-Bushels Are Only the Beginning: Discover Apple Valley Fun Farm’s Fall Attractions in 2023

apple valley fun farm sparta michigan

Apple Valley Farm in Sparta is Loaded With Fall Activities

Apple Valley Fun Farm, located in the Fruit Ridge area of West Michigan, is gearing up for their third season of fall family fun.

This farm has operated the Abandoned Acres Haunted Attraction for years and also has daytime, not scary, fun for families.

But what really made my ears perk up was hearing that Apple Valley Fun Farm is offering $10 half-bushel apple picking this season!

apple valley fun farm sparta michigan

Yes, you read that right—just $10 for a half-bushel of freshly picked-by-you apples.

That’s a sweet deal! And it got me thinking about what else Apple Valley Fun Farm has up its sleeve this year. Here’s what I found:

Who Should Visit Apple Valley Fun Farm?

Perfect for Young Families

This farm is an ideal spot for families with toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary-aged children. Kids go gaga for the huge menu of activities designed for them.

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Spooky Aficionados

Don’t forget the farm also operates the Abandoned Acres Haunted Attraction for those seeking a good scare.

What’s Different This Year?

This year, Apple Valley is making fall activities a little more affordable for everyone.

With their new “give back to the community” campaign, apple picking is only $10 for a half-bushel and $20 for a full bushel. And don’t forget about pumpkins—those are just $6 each.


Other great news – the new addition of attractions like a zip line for kids and a Barnyard 500 Pedal Kart track.

All of this while keeping the all-inclusive activity pass at its standard $15 price (and that includes the maze, hayride, and all play attractions).

List of What You Can Do at Apple Valley Fun Farm

  • Corn Maze: Navigate a Halloween-themed 5-acre maze.
  • Hayrides: Enjoy a tractor-driven ride to the pumpkin patch.
  • Pumpkin Patch: Choose your perfect pumpkin (additional cost).
  • Photo Ops: Capture memories with various farm-themed setups.
  • Farm Animals: Meet and watch playful goats and other farm animals.
  • Play Area: Climb hay bales & bouncy slides, race rubber ducks, and more.
  • Barnyard 500 Pedal Karts: Pedal around a new track.
  • Farm Scene Investigation: Solve a mystery in the corn maze and win a badge.
  • Donuts & Cider: Treat yourself to homemade donuts and fresh cider.
  • Apple Picking: $10 for a half-bushel might be the best deal in town!

Standout Attractions at Apple Valley Fun Farm

The kids play area is a big draw here. If you have kids under age 10, chances are, they’re going to love this place.

The kids activity area is full of things to climb and bounce on, like the 3-story Spooky Mansion Slide.

Or, there’s the Giant Pumpkin Jumping Pad and Giant Straw Bale Pyramid, among others.

Attraction_Giant-Pumpkin-Jumping-Pad-Apple valley fun farm

Another one of fun things to do at Apple Valley Fun Farm has to be the 5-acre Corn Maze. This year, the maze features a whimsical Halloween witch and black cat theme and a game, “Farm Scene Investigation.”

Let’s see if you can solve the farm-themed mystery by collecting clues scattered throughout the maze.

Apple and Pumpkin Picking

One of the quintessential fall activities at Apple Valley Fun Farm is apple picking.

Starting on September 23,2023, the farm has a special give-back-to-the-community campaign where apple picking is a bargain at $20 a bushel or $10 a half bushel.

And for those who love pumpkins, their limited crop is just $6 each. (Due to the drought earlier this year, the pumpkin patch did not flourish. The patch will not be open for picking this year, but you can choose from their pumpkin stand near the front of the farm.)


How Tickets Work

Everyone needs to pay admission to be admitted to the farm. The last admission tickets are sold one hour before closing.

Tickets can be purchased for $15 and are good for Saturdays and Sundays.

This all-inclusive activity pass gives you access to the corn maze, Family Fun Area, and a hayride around their apple orchard.

What Costs Extra

While the all-inclusive pass covers most activities, additional costs apply for certain items.

Pumpkins, apples, donuts, cider, and other food and drink items are sold separately.

Attraction_Apple-Cider-and-Donuts. Apple Valley Fun Farm

But here’s another great bargain—this year, during the community give-back campaign, apple picking is only $20 a bushel or $10 a half bushel. All pumpkins are priced at just $6.

Contact Info

For more information, you can visit the Apple Valley Fun Farm website at Apple Valley Fun Farm.

They are located at 7737 Fruit Ridge Ave NW, Sparta, MI 49345.

Apple Valley Fun Farm is just minutes from downtown Grand Rapids, MI

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