Top-Voted Ice Cream Shops in Grand Rapids – Plus a List of Candy Shops

Best Ice Cream Grand Rapids

The Sweets Shops That Your Kid’s Dreams are Made Of

Want a guaranteed way to zoom up to favorite auntie or uncle status? Take those nieces and nephews out for ice cream or candy and let them get whatever they want. (Why won’t this work when you’re the parent taking them out??)

For our GRANDTASTIC AWARDS, parent’s voted for their favorite places to play and live life in greater Grand Rapids, including the best spots for sweat treats.

We hope you enjoy these family-favorite places for the best ice cream and candy shops in the area as much as we do.

Ice Cream Shops

Summer and ice cream go hand in hand. But who am I kidding, ice cream goes well with spring, fall and winter too.

Whether it is Rocky Road, Strawberry Cheesecake, or good old fashioned vanilla, our top ice cream shops have the goods.

The best ice cream shops, according to local parents, are all listed below.

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Voted Top Ice Cream Shop

Jersey Junction (East Grand Rapids)

1- Jersey Junction (East Grand Rapids)

2- Captain Sundae (Holland)

3- Frosty Boy

4- The Pump House

5- Houseman’s Ice Cream (Byron Center)

6- Custard by the Dam (Rockford)

7- Brink’s Ice Cream Express (Caledonia)

8- Spoonlickers

9- Campau Corner (Alto)

10- Burlingame Dip and Dogs (Wyoming)

Candy Stores

Kids love candy. Walk into a candy store with a few kids in tow and you’ll know this is 100% true.

And what is not to love? The bright colors, interesting shapes and of course, the taste!

If you are looking to bring your kids out for a special treat, be sure to stop at one of the top-voted candy stores that families love.

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Voted Top Candy Store

Holland Peanut Store

1- Holland Peanut Store

2- Jersey Junction (East Grand Rapids)

3- Sweetland Candies (Plainfield)

4- Kilwins Chocolates and Ice Cream

5- Sweet Tooth of Rockford

6- Rocket Fizz

7- Cosmic Candy Company (Woodland Mall)

8- Albertus Koeze & Company – Gourmet Nuts

9- Krissy’s Kandies (Grand Haven)

10- Lakeside Emporium (Muskegon)

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