Grand Rapids Scooters: Your Burning Questions Answered

Get Ready to Cruise Downtown on an Electric Scooter

Have you noticed the electric scooters downtown? They’ve become a popular way to access all the amazing things to do in Grand Rapids.

And they’re really fun!

Do you want to try the Grand Rapids scooters too, but don’t know where to start?  

If you have questions about how it works, or you’re nervous about trying them like I was, that’s okay.

I’m going to walk you through the process, ease any fears or hang-ups you have, and get you scooting.

Downtown Grand Rapids - Electric Scooter
Riding scooters in Downtown GR

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Is it hard to drive an electric scooter? 

Grand Rapids uses Lime scooters, and they are user-friendly. To get moving, push off the ground with one foot while simultaneously pushing down the throttle with your thumb, and the scooter will take off.

Does it take a lot of balance to ride a scooter?

Not much balance is needed to ride a scooter. The Grand Rapids scooters are designed to accommodate most riders.

The scooter’s foot base is wide and low to the ground. This provides a lower center of gravity and ease of use. 

How long does it take to learn to drive a scooter?

It took my friend and me just a few minutes to get familiar with the controls.

If you would like to prepare before your first ride, “how to” videos are available on the Lime website and in the App.

Do you need a license for an electric scooter in Michigan?

No, you do not need a license. You are required to be at least 18 years of age, however.

How many people can ride on a scooter at one time?

The scooters are built for single riders only. 

Can you ride the Grand Rapids Scooters in the winter?

Yes. The scooter rentals are available year-round.

Are there other options for people who don’t want to ride a scooter?

Yes, you can also rent seated e-assist Bikes from Lime in Grand Rapids.

What companies offer scooter rentals in GR?

The City of Grand Rapids uses Lime e-scooters.

Downtown Grand Rapids Electric Scooters - Scooter Parking
Lime is the Grand Rapids Scooter Provider

Scooters Have Grown in Popularity Across the Country, GR Included

Scooters have grown in popularity in cities across the U.S. because there are a lot of benefits to using a scooter in an urban area. People love them because they are:

A Time-Saver: Use the scooters if you’re spending time downtown and just want to park and get around quicker than walking.
Environmentally-Friendly: Electric bikes and scooters help to cut down on carbon emissions in the city. 

Easy to Access: In Grand Rapids, the scooters and bikes are conveniently located and easy to find in the Lime app. 

Budget-Friendly: They provide affordable access to transportation for people who might not have access to it.

Of course, there are people who aren’t fans of the Grand Rapids scooters, too.

Irresponsible scooter use is the primary reason behind scooter-related complaints. Please follow the scooter guidelines.

Downtown Grand Rapids Scooters
Scooters parked in Downtown Grand Rapids

Scooter Use Overview

Start by watching this how-to-ride video; it will help things go smoothly when you’re ready to use the Grand Rapids scooters. 

Next, I suggest downloading the Lime app. Definitely do this before you head out to rent a scooter.

On the app, create a user profile and spend a few minutes getting familiar with the program.

Look over the tips and videos on how to use the scooters and note the safety recommendations listed (ie. wearing bright colors, use of a helmet, etc).  Now you’re ready to find a scooter to rent.

Once downtown, open the Lime app to easily locate and rent e-scooters. The app is all you need; it will even show you the location and battery life of each scooter. (More on this in the next section.)

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Grand Rapids Scooters Quick Start Guide

If you have the Lime app and you’re downtown, you’re ready to get started:

Step 1: Position yourself inside the scooter service area 
To operate the scooters, place yourself within their 12-mile service area. This area includes downtown Grand Rapids. 

Step 2: Find a scooter
Open the app and find the nearest scooter to you. You’ll see a map populated with scooters and bikes. When you zoom in, the scooter population increases. 

Step 3: Unlock the scooter
To unlock a scooter, tap the green “scan” button in the app. Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code on the scooter you want to use. This will unlock the scooter for use. 

Step 4: Get Moving
To get moving, place one foot on the foot base. Use the other foot to push off the ground to start a forward motion. 

Simultaneously, push the throttle button down with your thumb and the scooter will take off. 

Note: The scooters can be a bit zippy. Through the app there is a way to put your scooter in training mode. This will limit how fast the scooter goes at first.

Step 5: End the Ride
To end your ride, select “end ride” and scan the QR code again to lock the scooter and end the trip. 

There are designated parking spots for the Grand Rapids scooters around town marked with signs.

Be sure to return the scooter to one of the designated locations when you’re done using it. Otherwise, you will be charged additional fees.

Rates and Ways to Save

Scooter fees: It’s $1 to unlock a scooter and $0.30 per minute during your ride. An hour ride on the scooters is $19. 
Ways to Save on your ride:
Grand Rapids Transportation has designated Neighborhoods of Focus. If you start your ride in one of these areas you save 30%. 

Lime offers ride passes for the Grand Rapids scooters that you can purchase through the app. A one-hour ride pass is available for just $9. They offer longer time-frames too.

Lime offers Lime Access for low-income families. This makes their scooter and bike share programs even easier to access. You can apply on their website. Applicants who qualify can save up to 50% on their rides.

Downtown Grand Rapids - Electric Scooters Rates
Lime Ride Passes are Available in the App

Parking in Downtown Grand Rapids

Did We Cover it All?

If we missed anything or if you give the Grand Rapids scooters a try next time you’re downtown, we’d love to know! 

Stay safe and have fun.

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