[pullquote_left] by Nedra, aka Adventure Mom [/pullquote_left]Today we are joined again by Grand Rapids blogger, grkids mom and Adventurer Extrodinaire, Nedra McDaniel. Nedra has a taste for adventure that just can’t be quenched. We’re happy to have her share her family & mom adventures with us from time to time on grkids.com. Today Nedra and her boys visit Placide Wake Park to try out cable-wake boarding.  Welcome back, Nedra!
[line] [note]Placid Wake Park is an outdoor facility where you can wakeboard, wakeskate or wakesurf. They have a Sesitec System 2.0 Cable stretching over a 700ft manmade lake; making it easy for beginners to learn or advanced riders taking their skills to the next level on their obstacles. You can also learn to ride the wake by taking a boat set with one of our professional coaches. Placid Wake Park features a beach atmosphere and an onsite pro shop brought to you by Action Water Sports.[/note][line]

“It’s such a smooth ride and so fun! As I got better our instructors had me try to edge back and forth.”  Here’s a clip to give you an idea of what it’s like.

I was equal parts excited and nervous about trying cable wakeboarding at Placid Wake Park in Allendale,MI. My fears were quickly diminished after my first attempt. Learning to wakeboard with a cable is so much smoother and controlled than my experience of learning to ski behind a boat. I thought it would be similar to learning to ski with major sore arms and scary faceplants. It wasn’t anything like that.

We started by getting our rental equipment inside the pro shop.

You can rent or bring your own equipment. If you bring your own helmet and vest, make sure they are coast guard approved. They have several man-made lakes that can also pull skiers and wake-boarders behind a boat. The beautiful part is that you don’t need a wet suit. The water isn’t super deep which makes the water temperature around 70 degrees.

Our lesson began with our instructors briefly showing us the technique of how to get up on land first before we tried it in the water.

You begin in the water with your knees bent and then allow the cable to gradually pull you up and then you turn a hip to front with your knees slightly bent.

After a few attempts…..

I got up and it was AMAZING!!!

It’s such a smooth ride and so fun! As I got better our instructors had me try to edge back and forth.

My kids both tried it and came soooo close to getting up.

My oldest got up a few short lived times too.

How well your child will do really depends on a few factors. If your child already has a history with water sports or snowboarding they will be more likely to get it sooner. Your child just needs to have good coordination. Women also have a better track record than guys for getting up on the board faster.

The instructors are super encouraging and have the patience of saints. They use a megaphone as you get farther away to cheer you on. They also are all CPR certified if for some reason you would need medical attention.

Learning to wake board from a cable does make the time go WAY faster than if you were learning behind a boat. It was also a lot more enjoyable as a spectator too with the shorter waiting times between attempts. This is something our family will definitely want to try again!

If your family would like to try cable wake boarding, you can learn more at the Placid Wake Park website or facebook page. Your family can also take advantage of the 105. 3 FM Beach Party on June 9 and 10th with lots of free activities. You can also try a paid session of several water activities that day too.

[info]The equipment rental is $25 for everything (pp) The cable time session is $25 for 20 minutes (4sets). They have other time amounts too. You can wake board, wake surf, wake skate and wake ski. It’s best to call ahead to reserve a time.  The best way to stay current is to visit Placid Wake Park.  The special event with 105.3FM would be a great way for families to check out Placid Wake Park because there are several free things going on that day too.
Phone: 1 (616) 892-9253
Email: [email protected][/info]
Nedra McDaniel is Adventure Mom.Encouraging people to try something new is number one on her list. She writes, “I have always loved to try new things because of my quest for variety. I’m more like an ADD adventure sampler. I like to try, taste and experience different things and places all the time. I will try just about anything and bring along my friends and family for many of the adventures I experience.”You can read about more of her exploits and adventures at her blog, Adventure Mom.  Disclosure:  I was not financially compensated for this post. I did receive admission for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.