13 Unique Family Restaurants in Grand Rapids

Interesting Places to Eat in West Michigan

West Michigan’s restaurant scene has been growing and so much that there are family dining options for every personality. We’ve got our free & cheap spots, our favorite spots, the summer time outside eats spots, but what about the unique places to get a bite out?

Corelife Eatery

Where to Find Unique Dining Fun for the Family

1 – Café Louis

The only laundromat in West Michigan where you can nosh on a gourmet crépe while your laundry takes a spin in state of the art laundry machines. Sheldon Cleaner’s Grand Rapids headquarters is loaded with comfortable seating, multiple HD flat screen TV’s, a children’s play area, and a café specializing in gourmet coffee drinks and crépes. (On Breton Avenue between 29th St. and 32nd St.)

2 – The Score

In the summer you can enjoy a pizza while watching a sand volleyball game. Let your kids play in the sand while you wait for your food…just be prepared to take them for a hand wash before you settle in to eat. The pizza here is quite good quality, and the closeness to water helps keep the temperature down to reasonable on hot days. (On Northland Drive just north of Plainfield.)

3 – Japanese Steakhouses

Have you been to Fuji Yama or Shangh Hai Ichiban? It’s a show! As you sit around the grill the chef mesmerizes you with his cooking skills and flames. we took our eldest when he was just 3…it may have been a bit of a mistake…the flames freaked him out.  It might be time to take him again, though, now that he’s older…it’s a pretty awesome show.

4 – Chapbook Cafe

Eat lunch, read some books, buy some books. The quiche here is amazing and the sandwiches are really quite good as well as coffee and desserts. The children’s department here is pretty fun and very well stocked. (Located inside Schuler Books.)

5 – Bagger Daves

While not completely unconventional, kids are mesmerized by the trains overhead and given train stickers. Check out the their specialty sodas, which you can get in ‘flights’; coming four at a time with an upgrade to a full size glass of any soda you choose. I tried the green apple soda once (seasonal flavor) and tasted like sour apple lollipops.

6 – Yesterdog

Gourmet hot dogs? Yes, please! Coupled with their cool vintage decor and simple 6-option menu, this Grand Rapids icon is the place for kids and their parents who are still kids at heart.

7 – Boatwerks

In the summer boats can park at the dock just as easily as cars can park in the parking lot. Because of this there’s a lot of boat activity to keep you and your littles entertained! (Located in Holland on Lake Macatawa.)

8 – Craig’s Cruisers

You may not think of them for dining, but their pizza and salad buffet is pretty good! While you’re there you can enjoy some arcades, mini golf, go carts, and laser tag. Multiple locations throughout West Michigan!

Stella’s Lounge

9 – The Ice Cream Caboose

Near Boulder Ridge Animal Park, you’ll find this great little ice cream shop. Open during the summer hours, this little shop is in a train car!

10 – Sandy Point Beach House

Sandy Point has a great outdoor patio and areas to play bocce ball in the sand! Special bocce ball sets are provided for families with supervised kids. (Located in West Olive.)

11 – Woody’s Press Box

Located inside Spectrum Lanes, Woody’s Press Box offers more than just the typical pizza and dogs menu of most bowling alley cafe’s. Woody’s is a full service restaurant offering a comprehensive menu including scrumptious sandwiches, appetizers, salads, soups, wraps, tex-mex, and of course, pizza. (Off of Clyde Park near 56th St.)

12 – Stella’s Lounge

This one is for you and your big kids. Stella’s is supposedly the best burger in Grand Rapids, if not Michigan, but what you’ll also love is their retro arcade and pinball games. Only a quarter a play! Bring your big kids for specialty burgers and some competition at Ms. Pac-man.

13 – Hancock

If you need some southern comfort food, this is the place to go! Fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, baked beans, pimento macaroni and cheese–and the mouthwatering list goes on and on. They also have a great outdoor space that’s perfect for keeping kids entertained.

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