Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo has Lemus and Llamas, Dozens of Games & Delicious Farm Food

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Add Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo to Your Summer Bucket List!

Our summer plans for 2019 can be summed up in two words: Michigan Staycation.

As lifelong Michiganders (and loyal Hollanders) we have seen our fair share of the beaches in Holland and Grand Haven, the zoos and museums in Grand Rapids, and every splash pad this side of Lansing (that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get the point).

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We haven’t, unfortunately, been very adventurous when it comes to “new” places. This summer, that’s going to change. And we kicked off our Summer Staycation in style with a trip to Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo.

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Lewis Farm Market boy feeding donkey

Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo is a 700 acre farm in New Era, MI. In addition to their delicious farm market and old-fashioned bakery treats, there are acres and acres of activities for kids, including these and more:

  • Pedal Carts
  • Jumping Pillow
  • Rubber Duck Racing
  • Skee Ball
  • Barrel Train
  • Sound Garden
  • Barnyard Twister
  • Candy Cannon
  • Black Hole Slides

Lewis Farms overview

Here are some highlights from our trip – they’re the things we know your family will love, too.

Go See The Animals – They LOVE Visitors With Treats

You can purchase a cup of animal feed, and the animals know exactly what that cup looks like. As soon as they see you with it, they’ll come right up to the fence to get their treats. We fed goats, donkeys, camels, llamas, and deer.

My kiddos (ages 8 and 5) loved how eager the animals were to get treats, especially the goats. We also were able to feed birds in the aviary buy purchasing feed sticks at $1/each. The birds are not shy at all — a couple of them even landed on my husband’s head!

Lewis Farm Market aviary

There is a nice variety of other animals to see on the farm as well. We watched a peacock spread his full, colorful tail feathers and saw bunnies hop around in a small rabbit village. There were also tortoises, lemus, and zebus.

We all loved the unique selection! Lewis Farms also does a fantastic job with handwashing stations. There’s no excuse for not washing your hands after touching the animals.

Lewis Farm Market goats

Save Lots of Time for the Farm Games

In addition to the animals, there are so many activities to entertain and exhaust your clan. There are giant jumping pillows for kids and adults (which this writer highly recommends – it feels like you’re flying!), pedal cars, mazes, races, lassoing (which this writer finds extremely difficult), and good old fashioned farm-themed playground equipment.

Lewis Farm Market jumping pillow

There is also a section dedicated to what seems like farm-inspired carnival or midway games: skee ball, basketball, fast pitch, and a strongman strength tester.

My favorite part of this area, however, was the “corny barn.” Picture it: a giant swimming pool filled with millions of dry corn kernels. I was worried the corn wouldn’t be comfortable, but I was wrong.

Lewis Farm Market corny barn

The weight of the kernels and the smoothness of the corn made me want to bury myself up to my neck and never leave. Reluctantly, I eventually got out to enjoy the rest of the farm… but this will remain my favorite.

Come Hungry and Take Advantage of the Homemade Eats

After the running, playing, animal-feeding, and corn-lounging, you’ll no doubt work up an appetite. Lewis Farms has delicious meals to quell those hunger pangs.

Lewis Farm Market deep fried asparagus

I recommend the grilled cheese made on their homemade cheese bread and the uniquely delicious deep fried asparagus. You can also purchase fudge, ice cream, donuts, kettle corn, or pies, among other tasty treats.

Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo is Worth the Drive

From my spot in Holland, Lewis Farms is about an hour directly north. It’s an easy drive and the farm is right off the highway, so even the most navigationally-challenged should be able to find it without issue.

Lewis Farms Skee Ball kids

The day we visited, we had some beautiful weather followed by rain. Fortunately, there are enough indoor activities that you don’t need to stay out in the elements the entire time. You’ll want to visit on a dry — or at least partially dry — day, however.

Details about Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo

Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo is open Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm and Sundays 10am-5pm. General admission is $9.95/person with group rates available at 15+.

Lewis Farm Market sign

Visit the Farm’s facebook page to learn more about special events and happenings.

As we left the farm, my boys did something they very rarely do — they agreed! They agreed that we definitely need to visit Lewis Farms again soon. As for me? Well, I’m planning our next visit right about now.

Take a Virtual Tour of Lewis Farms

Here’s a 360 degree view of what’s in store when you visit Lewis Family Farms!

Lewis Farms Banner

4180 West M-20
New Era

FACEBOOK | WEBSITE | (231) 861-5730

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