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Despite the warm(ish) weather we’ve been having, we all know that snow is just around the corner. For fun, I thought I’d prepare myself for the inevitable “what can we do?” questions from my kids by brainstorming a list of possible stay-at-home activities for those blustery winter days.

  1. Bake cookies. For even easier baking, make up a batch of cookie dough ahead, scoop it out and freeze the pre-measured dough so you can pull out as many cookies as you’d like on that snowy day and bake them in small batches.
  2. Use dry erase markers to draw on your windows or sliding glass door.
  3. Throw the kids in the tub with shaving cream to “paint” – the kids get clean and your tub will smell great.
  4. Make a fort in the living room out of blankets and pillows.
  5. Make vegetable soup – have the kids help you chop and stir.
  6. Draw pictures and write letters to friends and family who are out of town.
  7. Find silly videos to watch on YouTube.
  8. Have your kids put on a play – give them a prompt for the story (fairytale, action heroes, etc…) and record their final product.
  9. Have breakfast for dinner (brinner).
  10. Pull out a large section of cardboard (a cut-open box will work) and draw a road and town on it for kids to play on with their cars or other toys.
  11. Crank up the tunes and have a dance party.
  12. Turn up the heat, put on summer clothes and pretend you are at the beach.
  13. Use a roll of painter’s tape and run it back and forth between the walls in your hallway to create a maze of “laser beams” the kids have to try and make it through without touching (as though they are spies).
  14. Make paper airplanes and have a plane-flying contest.
  15. Have a webcam Skype “date” with other friends who are stuck at home in the snow.
  16. Fill a large bowl with clean snow from outside, drizzle honey over the top and dig in with spoons.
  17. Make bird feeders by covering an empty toilet paper roll with peanut butter and rolling in bird seed and then slide it over a branch.
  18. Pull out finger paints and make artwork using finger and hand prints.
  19. Create homemade Jolly Rancher suckers.
  20. Go through your kids’ toys (with your kiddos) and help them pick out a box of items to donate.
  21. Use the microwave (or your stove if you cook with gas and have an open flame – be sure to help the kids with this one) to make s’mores.
  22. Cut out snowflakes and tape them to the windows.
  23. Play “I Spy” around the house or looking out the window.
  24. Make a list of things you want to do in the summer, daydreaming about what to do once the weather gets warm.[clear]
    And last, but certainly not least,
  25. Bundle up, go outside and play!

What does your family like to do when the snow flies?