Comstock Park to Rockford via the White Pine Trail in Grand Rapids, MI

white pines trail

Park Managed by Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Comstock Park to Rockford via the White Pine Trail Bike Trail
Cedar Springs, Belmont, Rockford & More, Grand Rapids MI
check mark 40x40 navy blueTrail Length: 8.3 miles one-way
check mark 40x40 navy bluePaved Walking Path
check mark 40x40 navy blueTrail Difficulty: Easy
check mark 40x40 navy blueStroller Friendly? Yes, all or most areas
check mark 40x40 navy blueDog-Friendly
Bike Ride Best For: Older kids and adults looking for a longer ride.

Park your car in Comstock Park (we use the parking lot by Dairy Delite Ice Cream shop at West River Drive & Lamoraux Dr NE or Dwight Lydell Park - a very lovely park!)

This route will take you north, past the West Michigan Whitecaps ballpark and up to Rogue River Park in Belmont. (Start at this park for a shorter ride.)

The route becomes more rural as you ride north on the mostly flat terrain.

A few miles before Rockford, you could make a pit stop at Third Nature Brewing Company for refreshments.

Continue pedaling to downtown Rockford where you can shop, dine, hang out at the waterfront park, or even go kayaking.

If you're in the mood, continue pedaling north - the White Pine Trail is a Rails-to-Trails linear State Park that is 92 miles long and extends all of the way to Cadillac, passing through Big Rapids on its way north.

White Pine Trail Parking Comstock Park Near Dairy Delite

Parking Near White Pine Trailhead in Comstock Park, MI

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comstock park to rockfod white pine trail map

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More About Comstock Park to Rockford via the White Pine Trail

Park Features

  • Good for Rollerblading
  • Paved Walking Path
  • Paved Bike Path


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