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ArtPrize 10 Picks for Families

ArtPrize 10 runs through October 7, 2018.

ArtPrize 10 is loaded with amazing art. I’ve been down there for hours and have been wowed at every venue. I was tasked with coming up with a list of top picks that families would love to see.

But there are too many entries to include. I cannot mention them all.

You’ll have see for yourself the magic that is ArtPrize10.

Set Your Goals on Fire | Gerald R. Ford Federal Building US Courthouse


And do come. Because this is the last annual event for ArtPrize. It’s turning into a biennial event after this year, so we will have to wait two years to see our downtown transformed like this again.

This year, it’s all about Night Prize, if you ask me. So many installments just come alive after the sun goes down.

There are loads of amazing venues this year, so have fun exploring!

Take our ArtPrize10 Family Map With You

Our Family Map for ArtPrize 10 (you can print it!) will help you find your way to many of these spots and MORE. Check out our comprehensive guide for all things ArtPrize10 like Insider Tips and a calendar of Family Events.



ArtPrize 10 Favorites for Families – Any Time of Day

The GRKIDS team combed through ArtPrize for family favorites and here are the entries that we think kids and grownups alike will love.

The World Beneath the City

Venue: Ah Nab Awen Park



Venue: UICA Outdoor Mural | Tunnel under Pearl St. Bridge


Mild America and Is There Room for Me

Venue: Homewood Suites

The gigantic bear breathes! And the apes are beautiful.


Venue: The Harris Building (basement level)

This one is interactive (if the artist is present) and oh so cool, with changing lights and music.

best of ArtPrize

Dream World

Venue: The Harris Building

Happy Birthday to Two Grand Rapids Icons

Venue: JW Marriott

Dare to Dream Big

Venue: Gerald. R. Ford Museum

In the Eye of the Beholder

Venue: Amway Grand

Circle of Fifths

Venue: Grand Rapids Children’s Museum


Venue: The Harris Building

This installment is painted with SAND, and the artist invites you to touch it!

Straight Lines

Venue: The B.O.B.

Night Prize – 8 Pieces that Transform at Sunset

If your kids can swing it, stay till the sun goes down – you will not be disappointed! I cannot wait to check these out with my girls.


Venue: Gillett Bridge

This is a visual and musical delight.


Venue: Gerald R. Ford Museum

Quantum Meditation

Venue: Grand Rapids Public Museum


Venue: UICA Outdoor Mural | Tunnel under Pearl St. Bridge

It’s already incredible by day, but at night the black lights help tell the story.

Metal Dragon

Venue: The B.O.B.

Watch out – this guy breathes fire!

Animal Land

Venue: Grand Rapids Art Museum

Various owls will grace the wall of the GRAM, some even winking at you.

ArtPrize favorites

image courtesy of ArtPrize

The Sum of its Parts

Venue: Kendall College of Art and Design

image courtesy of ArtPrize


Venue: Grand Rapids City Hall

You won’t be able to miss this one – it’s right in the corner of several windows and will be putting on a brilliant show for all to see. Kids will be mesmerized.

Warning: Some of the art at this venue may not be suitable for children. Use personal discretion.

image courtesy of ArtPrize

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