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ArtPrize 9 Picks for Families

ArtPrize 9 has taken over downtown Grand Rapids!

Below you’ll find everything from dragons to unicorns to music to carnivals.

ArtPrize has it all and if you only have time to visit a handful of exhibits, these are the ones that your kids will gravitate to. There are loads of amazing venues this year, so have fun exploring!

If you have time for more check out our ArtPrize Stroller Guide or ArtPrize Field Trip Guide, both of which include maps to help you find art your family will love. Want to get hands on? Here are places kids can be artists at ArtPrize9.

ArtPrize 9 runs through October 8, 2017.

A Place to Gather | DeVos Place


ArtPrize 9 Favorites for Families

The grkids team combed through ArtPrize for family favorites and here are the entries that we think kids and grownups a like will love.

Stone Thrones of Ptown

Venue: Grand Rapids Public Museum

Description: These are the heaviest rockers you’ve ever seen. Built by the artist for him and his wife to conduct their royal business, it’s about 1,000 pounds balancing on a 17 inch circle. How’s that for ingenuity?

Why It’s Great: You can rock in them and see just how surprisingly comfortable they are.

Capn Nemo’s Flaming Carnival

Venue: City Water Building, 1101 Monroe Ave NW

Description: “Interactive performance, event-based experiences, fire-based games, and skill-based workshops create a way for everyone to get involved in the magic,” say the artists. 

Why It’s Great: It’s a carnival that you can participate in! Even crazier at night! 

The Never Ending Gearbox by the Hacksmith

Harris Building ArtPrize for the win!

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Venue: The Harris Building, 111 South Division

Description: A series of gears moving, with the final gear to turn once every million years.

Why it’s Great: This colorful, moving display will captivate kids as the gears move.

ChromoSong: A DNA-Shaped Marimba

Venue: The Harris Building, 111 South Division

Description: A 7 foot tall double helix invites you to interact. 

Why It’s Great: Kids can be a part of the artistry of this piece by making music. 

Lux Maximus

Venue: Grand Rapids Public Museum (blue bridge side)

Description: A copper glass infused masterpiece that lights up inside. 

Why It’s Great: It’s a stunning piece that you can touch. 

TARDIS Shared Library

Venue: Barnes & Thornburg LLP, PNC Bank Building, 171 Monroe

Description: Full sized TARDIS invites you to look inside. 

Why It’s Great: Look inside…and take or leave a book! If you plan a head, bring a book to leave at the TARDIS for someone else. 

Land Chimes

Venue: Ah Nab Awen Park

Description: A field of vertical chimes that visitors are encouraged to play. Artist will have a bucket of mallets available for us “musicians” to use. 

Why It’s Great: It’s hands on, and so easy for kids to participate in. Also, what kid doesn’t love banging on things? 

Otto’s Good Stuff

Venue: DeVos Place Convention Center303 Monroe Avenue NW

Description: This machine-works desk is a tinkerer’s dream. 

Why it’s Great: This is a larger piece with lots of little things for kids to notice, and even imagine trying to make themselves! 

My Favorite Thing

Venue: Barnes and Thornburg LLP

Description/Fun fact: This guy is constructed from nearly a mile of 12 gauge wire!

Why it’s Great: It’s a sweet depiction of a dog and kids can get up real close to check it out.


Venue: 20 Monroe Live

Description: This 3-D sculpture is made entirely of wire and has a gentle grace to it.

Why it’s Great: Kids will be drawn to this girl who seems to have sprouted from the ground in a whirl.

Reginald Throckmorton’s Midnight Ride for Love

Venue: 20 Monroe Live

Description: This sculpture is full of whimsy and his story will enthuse kids. 

Why It’s Great: Reginald is on an epic ride – can you spy the owl and other friends that are helping him on his way? 


ArtPrize Public Museum 2017

Venue: Grand Rapids Public Museum

Description: Large metal sculpture of a laborer carrying a heavy weight. 

Why It’s Great: You can climb inside! 

Loquacious and Lovely

Venue: Gerald R. Ford Museum

Description: These unicorns invite visitors to enjoy the delight of child’s play.


A. Lincoln

Venue: Amway Grand Plaza, 180 Monroe Ave NW

Description: Over 24,000 pennies were used to create this fascinating Lincoln portrait.

Why: Your kids can stop and think about how even the smallest things can create great art.

Midtown Flutter

Venue: Grand Rapids Art Museum

Description: Images of downtown Manhattan shift, giving you different perspectives as you watch it

Why It’s Great: This moving installment will entrance kids and adults alike.



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ArtPrize Favorites for Families

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    May I suggest Monsters Go! On the Children’s Museum, by Aaron Zenz

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