40+ Fab Gift Ideas for Kids

gift ideas for kids

Amazing Gift Ideas for School Age Kids

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Young kids can be easy to shop for since they’re still into toys and games.

But with the sheer volume of options, it’s a challenge to figure out which things they want this year.

Never fear, we’ve got a great list to get you started. Read on to find great gift ideas, local shops and experience gifts for kids ages 5 – 10.

Featured Gift Ideas & Experiences

Wrapping up experience gifts keeps in-home clutter to a minimum and lets the gift last much longer, spreading the holiday cheer throughout the year, and allowing recipients to think of the gift-giver year-round.

Gifting an Experience? Here are Clever Ways to Wrap it Up

-Wrap a zoo membership card in a map of the zoo or tie it around the neck of a stuffed animal.
-Wrap theatre or concert tickets in a giant box to throw them off the trail.
-If the gift is dance lessons, wrap the studio’s brochure with a new tutu.
-Make an adventure part of the gift by drawing a map and sending the recipient on a treasure hunt as they search for the gift!

Gift Ideas: Age 5 – 7

Young school-aged kids are influenced by what’s cool at school – and by the things that the older kids are into. Look at what last year’s 10 year-olds were into, that might just be what this age group wants right now.

Gift Ideas: Age 8 – 10

Gift-giving gets more challenging as the kids get older. Giving experiences is a great option if you’re faced with a child that doesn’t really want toys anymore.

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