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[note]This post is updated for 2015[/note]


Here’s our yearly roundup of where to see Christmas and Holiday lights around Greater Grand Rapids.

Last night my kids and I went out for three hours to scout lights and found a handful of houses to include.

We played our “count the ___” game to help make the night more memorable. Each person in the car chooses something to count. This year, my son was counting candy canes, my middle daughter counted reindeer and my youngest counted Santas. I counted Nativities. The candy canes won, followed by the deer. The Santas and Nativities tied for a distant third.

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The list of where to see lights is crowd-sourced from reader comments. (We need your help!)

We ask on Facebook for recommendations; if someone tells us there is a great display at X address, we will include it. We can’t drive around to every location to verify a light display, and what some people thinks is a worth-the-drive display others might not want to bother with, so please use our list with that in mind.

If you do find something we should add to the list, leave us a comment below and we will make the update.

This year, our list has a VERIFIED 2015 and UNVERIFIED 2015 section.

Displays that are verified have either been seen by a team member in 2015 or a reader has told us that the display up for this year.

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Unverified displays are those that were out last year but we have not heard yet if they are on again for 2015. Please leave a comment if you can help us verify (or remove) any of these listings.

Where possible, we have linked locations to a Google map to help you navigate your way through the list.


  • Downtown Grand Rapids. Stroll through the beautiful lights at Rosa Parks Circle and enjoy the stunning 47 ft Christmas tree. The rest of downtown is also decked out in various degrees of festive Christmas fun.
  • White’s Winter Wonderland | 14181 MacClain St, Gowen, MI 49326-9711 – Drive thru and tune your radio to FM 89.1 and listen to the music as the lights dance. Facebook Page
  • 2931 S Saddle Ridge Ct  Rockford | Dancing lights set to music. Tune your radio to 96.3.
  • Paramount Estates neighborhood west of Northland Drive | Lots of houses participate!
  • 6171 Blythefield ave NE Rockford | Lights Synchronized to Music 5:30pm till 8:45pm. 88.7  FM
  • 6632  Ramsdell NE, Rockford | Second house South of Belding Rd (M-44). There is life size Nativity, reindeer, sleigh, lighted candy canes surrounds yard, trees, lots of snowmen, polar bears, penguins talking snowball, elves & thousands of lights.
  • Nite Lights | A mile long drive thru the Fifth Third Ballpark with light exhibits. Admission is charged per vehicle.
  • 4000 block of Boulder Ridge community in Belmont | Lights set to music.
  • 752 17 Mile Rd, Kent City, MI 49330 | This guy decorates HUGE! There is a pond, trees, houses etc… Worth it!!! There’s a place to pull over too!
  • Corner of Knapp and Ball | Lights & inflatables.
  • 147 Sunset Hills Ave NW. Grand Rapids | Nearly 12,000 lights that are programmed to music which can be transmitted to your vehicle when you tune to 99.9 FM. Check FB page for status. Facebook Page
  • On NW Macomb in Standale, Northwest side of the Lake Michigan-Wilson intersection | Tune the radio to 92.3 and lights will sync to music. Lights run from about 6:00-9:00 PM.
  • 938 Ariebill St SW, Wyoming, MI 49509-3920 | Lights are timed to a music station you can only get by parking outside the house and tuning in.
  • Please stop by the Hope CRC in Grandville, MI, 3110 Barrett St  |We have 35 lighted and decorated trees in the yard next to the church. You’re invited to get out of your car and walk through the yard to look at all the trees which were decorated by families and organizations of the church. This is the church’s gift to the neighborhood. Facebook.
  • 7594 McCords 49302 | House at 76th/ McCords in Alto – bigger than ever!
  • 9131 68th St, Alto | Every weeknight from 6-9:00 PM, and some weekends, through the holiday season. The radio station is 107.9 to hear the music.
  • Foreman Rd between Alden Nash and Cumberland  | They have a light display at a home where you tune in to a radio station and watch the lights dance to the rhythm of the song.
  • Whispering Hills neighborhood in Lowell  | Many houses lit up again this year. One house has a light tunnel over the side walk (on Trent Drive) for the kids to walk through.
  • 7475 Parsonage Rd Saranac, MI | A light show with about 10,000 lights. The lights are synchronized to the music of multiple Christmas songs (usually about 4 songs) which are broadcast to your car through channel 89.1. The best viewing is from half way up the driveway. 
  • Alto Meadows Subdivision has quite a few houses set up with lights.



UNCONFIRMED LISTINGS – based on info from 2014

*please help us verify the listings below by leaving comments if you have seen them. Thank you!

NEW THIS YEAR! Take a picture and leave it with your comment below. Thank you!


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