21-Day ‘Home for the Count’ Kid Challenge to Help Your Family Get Through Break

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We’re Giving You Something to Look Forward to Every Day for the Next 21 Days

As you already know, events are being canceled, businesses are temporarily closing and kids are out of school for three (or more) weeks.

We also know it will be a challenge for kids to be away from school for so long, for working parents trying to juggle child care, and for parents home with little ones all day. Not to mention trying to keep everyone healthy while unsure what to participate in during the break.

Beginning next week, we will be sharing things to help you over the upcoming weeks — the GRKIDS team is putting on a 21-Day ‘Home for the Count’ Challenge.

We’re lining up community members & organizations (their response to this spur-of-the-moment project has been phenomenal!) to lead us through daily 15-20 minute activities via video.

These videos will be streamed over our Facebook page and families will be able to participate every day. You’ll have a chance to share a picture of your accomplishments – and we may even have some prizes (still working that one out!)

We hope that this will be a great way to keep our families engaged in the community even while practicing social distancing.

Look Forward to:

  • Follow-Along dance + Yoga lessons
  • A Cartoon Drawing Lesson
  • Easy Art & Craft Ideas (How-to videos with these too)
  • Family Challenges
  • Fun Science Experiments (Video demos you can follow along to)
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Ideas for Helping Families in need

And MORE!Home for the count GRKIDS Challenge

How to Follow along with the 21-day ‘Home for the Count’ Challenge

Fun, interactive videos will be posted to our Facebook page every day at 10 am starting Monday, March 16th.

Stay tuned for all this and more in our upcoming emails. We’ll also be sharing videos and tips on Instagram and Facebook and we would love to have you follow along there.

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See below for links to each day’s videos. We’ll add them as they’re published and give you a heads up on any items needed for the next day.

Make it More Fun

Complete the challenge, get a sticker!

Follow along every day and at the end, we’ll tell you how to get this sweet decal for yourself.

02500250 Sticker GRK 01

Check off Your Challenges. Start at Any Time!

Print a checklist and check off challenges as you complete them.

GRKIDS 21 Day Checklist 2

Thanks to our community partners – and the GRKIDS & Co team – for making this project possible:

Do You Have a Business that Would Like to Get Involved?

We’re looking for prizes for the 21-Day Challenge participants, and potentially more video partners.

Let us know you’re interested and get more info here.

Daily Video Links

March 16

Day 1: Fort Building
  • Description: Today’s challenge is FORT BUILDING. Watch the video to get great tips from Bekah’s family and a look at the cool fort they built. We’re excited to see how your family participates! We want to see your forts and hear about how you’re building them!! — drop photos of your forts as a comment here. Who knows, we may “show off” your fort on our Instagram page!
  • Needed for tomorrow: – A black or dark-colored marker – A white piece of paper – Scrap paper (scrapbook paper, construction paper, old magazines, wrapping paper) – Glue (glue stick or white school glue) – Scissors (optional)

March 17

  • Description: Today’s challenge is BUNNY DOODLES. Watch the video and follow along
  • Supplies Needed: – A black or dark-colored marker – A white piece of paper – Scrap paper (scrapbook paper, construction paper, old magazines, wrapping paper) – Glue (glue stick or white school glue) – Scissors (optional)

March 18

Day 3: Hip Hop Breaking
  • Description: Today’s challenge is Hip Hop Breaking. Watch the video and follow along
  • Supplies Needed: Comforatable clothes and a space to move around.

March 19

  • Description: Today’s challenge: make art out of your recyclables!
  • Supplies Needed: glue, scissors, toilet paper tube, markers, bottle caps

March 20

Day 5: Family Workout Challenge
  • Description: Today, see what your body can do. Choose from the workout challenge or the simon says challenge!
  • Supplies Needed: Athletic clothing and room to move around.

March 21

Day 6: Card Building Challenge
  • Description: Build a house out of playing cards! Stick around for a bonus little kid sing-along storytime after the challenge.
  • Supplies Needed: Playing cards or other building materials.

March 22

Day 7: Vinegar & baking Soda Experiment
  • Description: Do the classic vinegar & baking soda experiment – with a twist!
  • Supplies Needed: Containers, soap, vinegar, baking soda, food coloring. At the end, you may find it helpful to have spoons to play with your final product so your hands don’t get stinky or stained. Doing this experiment on a cookie sheet may be helpful.

March 23

Day 8: Add a Verse Challenge
  • Description: Join Kevin and his puppet friends on the KDL Bookmobile as he leads us in a fun, interactive song!
  • Supplies Needed: Imagination and singing voice. Paper and pencils, pens, crayons, markers, etc. are optional.

March 24

Day 9: Surprise Storybooks
  • Description: Grab your family and create a storybook using this interactive process.
  • Supplies Needed: Imagination, paper, drawing/painting supplies, family members, stapler.

March 25

Day 10: Make a Mask
  • Description: Get creative with household items and make a cool mask
  • Supplies Needed: Empty cereal box, scissors, tape or glue, pencil, crayons/markers, ribbon, string or plastic.

March 26

Day 11: Pilates!
  • Description: a rejuvenating, simple Pilates-style sequence for families
  • Supplies Needed: Exercise mat or towel on carpeted floor, water bottle, 4 rolls of toilet paper/containers of PlayDough or foam blocks.

March 27

Day 12: Puppet Challenge
  • Description: Take up the GRCM’s challenge to create – and use – your own puppet!
  • Supplies Needed: an old, clean sock bits of string, yarn, or ribbon hot glue or craft glue bits of fabric markers needle and thread scissors buttons decorative odds and ends

March 28

Day 13: Cloud in a bottle Experiment
  • Description: Make your own cloud in a bottle – but before you do that, predict what ingredients will make up your cloud
  • Supplies Needed: 2-Liter Bottles (or other large, clear plastic bottles you can squeeze) matches, paper or incense, water, adult help optional printable recording sheet: https://grkids.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Cloud-in-a-Bottle-copy.pdf

March 29

Day 14: Cooking Challenge
  • Description: Make Mexican Rice and Homemade Tortillas
  • Supplies Needed: Basic kitchen supplies – see below

For more info on Kids Cook Real Food and to sign up for their special offer visit: https://kidscookrealfood.com/2-weeks-risk-free/
Supply List & Recipe
medium or large pot with a lid
heat safe spoon
measuring cups
measuring spoons
liquid measuring cup
pastry blender OR 2 butter knives
rolling pin OR straight sided glass jar or drinking glass
cutting board OR clean countertop
electric griddle OR any size frying pan
spatula for flipping

1 cup white or brown rice
8-ounce can tomato sauce
1-2 Tbs. taco seasoning
1/2 tsp. salt
1 3/4 cup water
optional: 2 Tbs. dry minced onion or 1 tsp. onion powder
optional: can of beans, like kidney, pinto, or black beans
(or double for larger families or to have leftovers!)

2 cups white flour (or 1 c. can be whole wheat)
1 tsp. salt
1/4 cup palm shortening, coconut oil, butter or any solid fat
1/2 cup water

March 30

Day 15: Yoga Challenge
  • Description: Do a fun, bendy yoga routine with a storybook from Renew Mama Studio
  • Supplies Needed: stretchy clothes, stuffed animal, feathers or similar

March 31

Day 16: Obstacle Courses
  • Description: Make an obstacle course in your home. Plus, stick around for bonus little kid class from The Little Gym!
  • Supplies Needed: household supplies for your obstacle course

April 1

Day 17: Birdwatching
  • Description: Get outside today and look around – do you see or hear any birds? Go online or grab a bird app to identify the birds that you found.
  • Supplies Needed: Bird App, maybe binoculars

April 2

Day 18: Zumba for Kids
  • Description: Today we’re doing Zumba for Kids! Heather & Tess from Just Move – Fitness and More are taking us to a few places around the world in today’s challenge.
  • Supplies Needed: All you need is a place to move around… have fun!

April 3

Day 19: Poetry & Writing
  • Description: Sad, Mad, Bad Glad Poetry & Writing with the Brooks Family. Take a minute, watch the video, and then ‘go inside of your brain’ to create your own writing.
  • Supplies Needed: paper & writing utensil

April 4

Day 20: Public Art
  • Description: make a sign for your window, draw on your sidewalk with chalk – whatever your choice, do something that can be shared with others as they walk by your place.
  • Supplies Needed: chalk or other art supplies

April 5

Day 21: Cartooning OR Dino Fossils
  • Description: get a crash course in cartooning from Wade at the GooGenious Cartoon Company and his GooGenius Draw Club OR make Dino Fossils!
  • Supplies Needed: Piece of paper. Pencil with an eraser (or pencil and an eraser) OR 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 2 cup water, adult help for Dino Fossils

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9 thoughts on “21-Day ‘Home for the Count’ Kid Challenge to Help Your Family Get Through Break”

  1. I see we can get entered for a prize… We are behind. Is there a grace period after the 21st day for everyone to finish and enter?

    1. Hi Angie,
      We’ve been doing occasional prize giveaways as the challenge goes on because we realized that not everyone was able to do all of the challenges. The giveaways are on our Facebook page.

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  4. Bread shortage. No Problem.

    Make your own bread at home with the kids. My 12 year old daughter is really good at this. I love the sandwich bread recipe from King Arthur Flour. It tastes amazing. I like using the Montana Wheat All Purpose Flour.

    My daughter and I tried making soft pretzels from home last year. It is a many step process. We never laughed so hard trying to get them shaped correctly.

  5. Learn to fish in your own backyard. No hook. Either use kid poles and make your own ‘bambo’ pole, put a weighted item like a heavy washer or button on the end of the string and cast into the kiddy pool or buckets. You could set up many buckets at varying distances. Each bucket could have a different point value. Great skill to have.

    There are many places families can fish on the shore in West MI. MI DNR has a great site for fishing info, too.

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