10 Daring Grand Rapids Corn Mazes – And Their Opening Dates – to Try This Fall

Corn Maze boy and dad on adventure

Do you Know how They Create The Corn Mazes we all get Lost In?

Every year my family tackles a corn maze. We take it seriously and make a pact beforehand to complete the entire maze. Failure is not an option. 

I’ve been exhausted and lost in many corn mazes, my legs sore and feeling like they were going to fall off, quite certain that the walls of corn were going to be the last thing I’d see on this earth. (Corn stalks all look alike.)

Thankfully, my husband passed on his excellent sense of direction to my sons, and with the help of an occasional aerial photo of the maze downloaded in desperation, we’ve always succeeded. (That’s not cheating, by the way.)

There’s definitely a sense of accomplishment when you make it through, and donuts and cider afterward help with the motivation.

So, corn mazes… they don’t just grow that way now, do they?  Obviously a lot of planning goes into creating intricate mazes over acres of cornstalk-filled land. To find out what goes into creating a corn maze, we asked the folks at Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo to clue us in.

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Family having corn maze fun at Olin Farms
Olin Farms Corn Maze


Farming + Technology = A Great Corn Maze

The planning process begins as early as January when the new year is evaluated for any upcoming events. Planners consider what themes will be popular that coming summer and fall. A sure-to-be-a-hit summer movie or big anniversary, such as last year’s 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, are common corn maze themes.

Jenny Ferels, brand ambassador at Lewis Adventure Farm, said their six-acre maze is usually planted with 120,000 corn seeds in early June.

boy running through Heidis corn maze Smith

First They Plant, Then They Plow the Maze

Ferels said the entire field is planted as a normal field would be. When the plants are around 4-5 inches tall, plowing starts. The field is sectioned off, and a computer-aided design program turns the chosen design into a really big reality.

The program converts rows of corn onto a grid. The plowers know that each row on the grid is equal to a row of corn. They use a grid map to plow up the designated maze paths, and the maze is created.

After that, maze maintenance is a cinch, Ferels said. As the corn stalks grow, the shade they create prevents any sun from hitting the plowed areas preventing weeds from growing. The plowers clear the paths so smoothly that there is no growth to worry about.

And what happens to the corn after the maze season ends? Ferels said at Lewis Farms, nothing goes to waste. They actually “borrow” the corn seeds from a nearby dairy farm. When it is time to bring the maze down for the season, the corn is harvested and and “returned” to the dairy farm to be used to feed the cows.


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Moelker Orchards is a favorite destination in West Michigan for fresh fruit, fall fun, and delicious baked goods from our own Old Bell Bakery! Our family-run farm has been in operation since 1907. Join us this fall to make some great memories!

moelker farm

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The Big List of Grand Rapids Corn Mazes (& Other Fall Fun)

Fall in Michigan means all sorts of fun on the farm. My kids love u-pick apples and pumpkins. And especially if it’s paired with a stop on the giant Donut  & Cider hotlist. If you don’t want to miss a single iconic fall activity, you need to use our GIGANTIC GRAND RAPIDS FALL FUN GUIDE! It has everything fall for West Michigan.

Ready to try your luck in a corn maze? Here are 10 incredible mazes that promise to keep you mystified until you’ve reached the end.

BestMaze Corn Maze

BestMaze Corn Maze
3803 Noble Road, Williamston, MI

BestMaze is celebrating their 20th anniversary and opening their maze Sept 26.  Their corn maze paths are cut wider than usual this year with five separate sections totaling a three-mile maze.  As a result, these paths will be wheel chair friendly. 

BestMaze has an extensive underground drainage system that keeps trails from becoming muddy even after a heavy rain. There are also towers from where lost maze trekkers can find assistance.

And for those craving a little creep, try out their famous Trail of Terror, accessible from the same location.

Crane Orchards U-Pick and Corn Maze 

Crane Orchards
6054 124th Ave, Fennville, MI 

This maze is a salute to Healthcare Workers and opens Labor Day weekend. Crane also has a tractor-driven hayride for families.

Crane Orchards corn maze health workers

Ed Dunneback & Girls Fruit Farm

Ed Dunneback & Girls Fruit Farm
3025 6 Mile Rd, Grand Rapids 

“Grandpa, Tell Me About the Good Ol’ Days” is the corn maze theme, and it will be open Sep. 12.

Ed Dunneback corn maze good ole days

Fruit Ridge Hayrides

Fruit Ridge Hayrides
11966 Fruit Ridge NW, Kent City 

Fruit Ridge has a corn maze with four interactive games within it.

They also have U-Pick apples and pumpkins, a farm market, and, of course, hayrides. Also, enjoy cider and homemade donuts.

Heidi’s Farmstand & Bakery 

Heidi’s Farmstand and Bakery
1999 Cascade Rd SE, Lowell

Opening Sep. 18, the theme is “Bee A-maze-d.”

The maze is set up to make social distancing easier with extra-wide paths in the maze this year.

Heidi’s is also working to develop a virtual punch card for their traditional treasure hunt.

Heidis Corn Maze bees 2020

Lewis Adventure Farm & Petting Zoo  

Lewis Adventure Farm & Petting Zoo
4180 West M-20 Stony Lake Rd, New Era

“People Helping People” is the theme honoring first responders, doctors, nurses, and others who put helping others first. This maze opens Sep. 5.

In addition to their six-acre Corn Maze, Lewis Adventure Farm has a barrel train, carousel, jumping pillows and a gigantic petting zoo. Find over 100 different kids of animals from the exotic Arabian camel and ring-tailed lemurs, to kangaroos, wallabies, and a giant tortoise.

Lewis Farms Corn Maze helping

Olin Farm

Olin Farm
10991 Vergennes St., Lowell

Olin’s maze is open Sep. 26. Also enjoy U-pick pumpkins and tractor-pulled hay rides.  

Olin Farms Corn Maze entrance

Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery 

Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery

3142 4 Mile Rd NE, Grand Rapids

Opening Sep. 1, this year’s maze honors Jim and Bethel Robinette, former owners, who both passed away this year. It features a 1929 Model A vehicle with an apple in the truck bed.

Robinettes Corn maze Jim and Bethel

Schwallier’s Country Basket

Schwallier’s Country Basket
1185 9 Mile Rd NW, Sparta

Wild West is the corn maze theme, and it will be open weekends in September and October after Labor Day. The maze takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. Children can take a ride on the cow train ($3), and the whole family can enjoy a guided tractor-wagon ride for free.

Deep Roots Produce

Deep Roots Produce
8570 84th St SE Caledonia, MI 49302

Deep Roots Produce is doing its first-ever corn maze, and it’s huge! Shaped in honor of their two dogs, this maze kicked off on September 5, and is comprised of 12 acres and three trails (including a kids maze). They will be having staggered start times this year to facilitate social distancing.

Visitors can also pick pumpkins and hop on a hayride.

Deep Roots Produce corn maze two dogs


Want More? Check out These Places for Wagon Rides, Activities, Pumpkins and More


Hayrides are harder to come by this fall, as local farms aim for more socially distanced activities for visitors.

As of publication, is looks like Anderson & Girls is offering hayrides this year, but farm fun can be had at many of the mazes mentioned above, as well as Moelker Orchards. They don’t have a corn maze or hayride this year, but they do have epic donuts, cider and of course, lots of upick fun.

Moelker Orchards

Moelker Orchards
9265 Kenowa Ave SW, Grand Rapids 

Pick your own pumpkins and apples, and visit the Moelker Orchards bakery.

Moelker Orchards Sneller apples girl fall

Anderson & Girls Orchards

Anderson & Girls Orchards
2985 N. Sheridan Road, Stanton 

Anderson & Girls offers kid’s train and wagon rides as well as U-Pick pumpkins. They also have animals – lots and lots of barn animals, reindeer, camels, hedgehogs, and lemurs.

Do you know of more mazes or places to find fall fun? Please leave us a comment below!

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  2. Facebook.com/Olin farm has an 8 acre corn maze with the theme of a clydesdale horse. The challenge is to find the ears of the horse to win a treat. Our tractor pulled hayrides are about 35 minutes long through open fields and the woods. We are also featuring our two clydesdale horses purchased from Budweiser. We have Raggedy Andy made of bales of straw that stands 15 ft high for the children to have photos taken with. We are on FB with many photos including the maze and Raggedy Andy! This is our first year opening. Sept1st-Oct.31st We are located in Vergennes township Lowell, Mi

  3. My grandson loved the space exploration corn maze this year at Schwallier’s country basket. In fact he looks forward to going there each year and enjoys all the activities they have to offer.

  4. My grandson loves going to the corn maze at Ed Dunneback and Girls. He loves the interesting animal facts that guide you through the corn maze.

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