Living in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Neighborhoods and West Michigan Communities

There’s the city, and then there’s the region that claims this name.

The city of Grand Rapids is divided into quadrants, NE, NW, SE, SW and downtown. Each area has its own flair. Architecture depends primarily on when that part of town was developed and can vary widely from one neighborhood to the next.

The core of Grand Rapids has seen rapid growth and redevelopment since the opening of VanAndel Arena in 1998 and the city shows no sign of slowing down. Grand Rapids may be a small city on paper, but its culture scene is booming, thanks to ArtPrize. Foodies are surprised when they find the great number of local eateries hidden among our streets, and it’s even better when they discover they are living in Beer City USA.

Towns, cities and suburbs surrounding Grand Rapids also all have a flavor of their own. Some communities are primarily agricultural, like Caledonia; others, like Grand Haven, are situated on Lake Michigan and host a number of tourists in the summer.

No place is perfect, but we think that you will find the perfect place to raise your family in one of Grand Rapids’ neighborhoods or surrounding communities.

Moving to Grand Rapids