Welcome to our Date Night series where we discover great date night ideas for couples around West Michigan. Many thanks to BIGGBY of West Michigan for partnering with us on this relationship-building project. 

BIGGBY COFFEE is all about its customers. When you step into a BIGGBY you instantly feel like a regular. Come in for the iced lattes; stay for the sense of belonging (oh, and the free wifi…).

We Sent the DeJongs on a Date Night – Was it a Hit or a Miss?

Over the summer GRKIDS invited local couples to apply for a Mystery Date in Grand Rapids. We are thrilled to be partnering with BIGGBY of West Michigan to help couples around Grand Rapids shake up the date night routine, as well as send some lucky couples out on Mystery Dates. 

You can read about our first mystery date here. The winners of our second Mystery Date were Amy and Jamin DeJong of Cascade.

Meet Amy and Jamin

Amy and Jamin met at Calvin College when Jamin moved into Amy’s dorm. After hanging out in a mutual friend group for a few weeks, they realized there was something more between them and started dating.

On their dates before having kids, Amy and Jamin liked to dine out and then “do something exciting.” They liked seeing new shows at the theater, laughing at a comedy show or watching plays. Now that they have four young kids, it’s more challenging to go on dates.

Amy and Jamin get babysitters when they have meetings or other important obligations, but it’s difficult for them to remember to schedule a sitter for a date night very often. Who can’t relate to that?


It’s Dessert First at BIGGBY

Amy and Jamin began their Mystery Date at BIGGBY, where Melody revealed their surprise activities for the evening.

They were curious about stopping at BIGGBY because neither of them are coffee drinkers. However, they were pleasantly surprised to see a wide variety of tasty non-coffee selections at BIGGBY.

Amy tried a chocolate chip cookie creme freeze and Jamin had a banana berry creme freeze. Both were winners.

Craig’s Cruisers Got Them to Play Like Kids… Sans Kids

After BIGGBY, Amy and Jamin headed to Craig’s Cruisers. They had been there with their kids a few times, but never on their own. (Their kids were not happy about being left out of the fun this time!)

Amy and Jamin are both very competitive and they had a great time competing against each other. They hit both the indoor and seasonal outdoor Go-Kart tracks. When I asked her to compare the two, Amy said they were able to go faster on the bigger outdoor track, but it was more difficult to race against each other. Amy won both races.

Jamin even took on the Ninja Warrior Course. It was his first time trying one of these courses and he loved it.

“It was surprising that we could have fun at Craig’s Cruisers without kids,” says Amy.

“We had fun! We were laughing.”

When they battled on opposing teams at laser tag, the competition resumed. Jamin’s team won. Amy and Jamin also played some arcade games and later ate dinner at the buffet, enjoying salad, pizza, pasta, chicken and desserts.

They ended the evening with a game of 18-hole miniature golf. It was a fun match, even though Jamin destroyed Amy.

Letting Go and Having Fun

Amy and Jamin had a great time on their Mystery Date.

“We thought it was very fun that it was planned for us because it was something we wouldn’t have chosen to do on our own,” says Amy.

It was also a bonus to play at Craig’s Cruisers without kids. 

Want to Recreate This Date Night?

BIGGBY | 4750 Cascade Rd SE

Craig’s Cruisers | 5730 Clyde Park SW, Wyoming

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